What is a Corporate Disease Management Program?corporate disease management

A corporate disease management program is any type of comprehensive approach to targeting high risk individuals in a corporation by providing extensive educational resources, presenting early intervention options and giving access to programs that promote a high quality of care, awareness and lifestyle.

Depending on the needs and specific risks of those individuals identified as high risk for disease, programs should be developed differently and focuses may vary. The goal of this type of program is always the same: to predict and manage current and future risk.

What are the Benefits of a Corporate Disease Management Program?

Employees who participate in a disease management program will be encouraged with the confidence they need to face current and future health risks and issues. Knowing that a company cares enough for their well-being to provide them with great resources to help manage their health and instill a sense of gratitude in them towards their employers. Grateful employees tend to be more loyal employees and healthier, happier employees benefit companies and boost workplace morale.

How Can We Implement a Successful Corporate Disease Management Program?

If you are interested in providing these outstanding services to your workforce, contacting Wellworks For You will help you begin the process of implementing the most successful program possible for your unique needs. As a wellness management company, we have years of experience helping companies like yours develop effective approaches to disease management. We’ve committed ourselves to continually providing the most cutting edge methods and tools for our clients. For example, our customizable and interactive web portal makes data tracking easy and seamless. {{cta(‘c51f3378-88c3-40bd-8fe4-193b2edee5bc’)}} When we create corporate disease management programs for clients, we focus on clinical member interactions and measurable results. This means that we utilize biometric screenings, health risk assessments and other important data collectors. But the work doesn’t end there. Utilizing the most beneficial tools in the industry allows us to offer our clients diverse and unique programs. For more information about our offered services or to discuss the design of your company’s program, please do not hesitate to contact us today.