Corporate wellness programs are becoming widely implemented and standardized in the workplace. Companies want to benefit their employees and save money in the process and we design our top corporate wellness programs to do just that! Though there are many types of wellness programs out there, not all of them are equally as effective. Our programs are customizable for individual clients, but they all share a few common characteristics: they thumbs up 2promote organization, encourage effective communication and present a holistic perspective of health in the workplace.

Our Top Corporate Wellness Program

A top corporate wellness program should have a high percentage of engagement and participation. If your program is passive or stagnant, it won’t be successful and it won’t save you money. We offer helpful metric tracking to collect information that will allow us to maximize your approach and customize it for your particular workplace. We use valuable incentives to encourage employees to participate and then to reward them for their efforts. Our wellness programs offer a variety of environmental support and easy to use resources for any employee who wants to get serious about their health and about achieving a more balanced lifestyle.

The bottom line is that in most workplaces, employees aren’t going to just get on the wellness bandwagon without a little encouragement. You have to create a culture and an environment to motivate and inspire your employees. Here’s how…

A Top Corporate Wellness Program Should Be:

1. Customizable

All top corporate wellness programs should be customizable. Wellworks offers the personalized and customized options that will work best for you and your employees. Each workplace is different, so likewise their corporate wellness program should also be unique to them. There is no such thing as a cookie cutter wellness program. One employee may desire to quit smoking, while another wants to lose weight. Each employee should have access to the customized resources that they need to begin to make better choices. A personal touch is always a key element to a successful corporate wellness program.

2. Cost-Effective

The top corporate wellness program will usually have a high ROI within the first 3-5 years of implementation. Since one of the biggest reasons companies decide to start a wellness program is to save money, it is imperative that your program is actually accomplishing this goal. Since studies have shown that 80% of all healthcare costs are preventable, a corporate wellness program has high potential for a great ROI. There are both direct and indirect savings to be had. Direct savings can come from a reduction in both healthcare costs and workers compensation costs. Indirect savings can come through less missed days of work, better productivity, increased morale, andollar signd higher recruitment and retention. With healthcare costs continuing to rise, addressing health issues at work can benefit both you and your entire staff.

3. Interactive

A top corporate wellness program is also interactive. This will lead to increased participation, engagement, and motivation. If your wellness program is one dimensional and boring, chances are it won’t succeed. But if you implement a program that is inspiring, challenging, and motivating, your employees will understand its importance and will want to be involved. You can be interactive through:

·         Seminars

·         Free workshops

·         Free sessions with a massage therapist

·         Access to health coaches

·         Incentives for engagement and participation

·         Rewards for reaching personal goals

Make your corporate wellness program stand out by being customizable and interactive. You will succeed and reap the benefits of a great ROI and happy employees in the process!