A corporate wellness program is a great idea, but in order to make it a success, it needs to be attractive and beneficial to both the employer and the employee. This is where a customized wellness incentive strategy comes into play. It is not enough for your program to simply exist – it’s participation that matters and incentives are what draw employees to participate. Of course, the beauty of a properly designed wellness program is that it saves your company money on healthcare and it also encourages your employees to live healthier, more balanced lives in the process. But sometimes employees need a little extra nudge to get excited about committing to better health. The participation issue can easily be solved by integrating relevant wellness incentives into the foundation of your program.

Our Wellness Incentive Strategy

We offer our clients wellness incentive strategies that actually work. Our “Points to Wellness” program has been developed with corporate wellness specifically in mind. This wellness incentive strategy allows your business to design and create your own wellness schedule for every year. Once your plan is in place, we will help you assign a certain number of points to each wellness event. Employees can work on getting points throughout the year and will receive their incentive on an annual basis, depending on how many points they have accumulated. The best part about this strategy is that it can be unique and customizable to what best fits your employees’ needs. You can even create yearly objectives and challenges to add to your weekly or monthly wellness events or programs.

The Best Part: You have full control over how your employees earn their points and what their points earn them in return!

shutterstock 9792979411111Our Tracking System

We offer all of our clients an efficient wellness incentive tracking system. This will allow you to view and track all employee participation details. You can also track their rewards through our system. This gives you the convenience of everything in one place and it also provides you the freedom to keep an eye on everything without spending a lot of time tracking people down or asking them questions about their progress. Employees don’t have to feel pressured. Our online portal is the place where all the information you need to implement your wellness incentive strategy is located. Some examples of the activities our system can track are:

  •          Yearly Walking/Running Challenges
  •          Onsite Preventative Screenings, Health Fairs, Health Coaches, and Programs
  •          Fitness Class Attendance or Gym Membership
  •          Participation in Wellness Events
  •          Personal Goal and Information Tracking
  •          And much, much more

We’ve created this system for you so that wellness incentive management can be simple. We also want you to be able to creatively match our system to your company, so you can pick and choose what you would like to include and track on your own customizable portal.

Why are Wellness Incentives Necessary?

As mentioned previously, incentives are a way to get employees to engage with your corporate wellness program. Most people need a reason to join something new, especially if they feel like it will mean extra effort or work on their part. However, if you can weave wellness incentives into the daily fabric of your workplace, it won’t feel like work for you or your employees. Wellness programs have a much higher rate of success when they include relevant incentives for their participating members. Incentives create a positive atmosphere around a wellness program. We can help you develop a wellness incentive strategy that will work. Here are a few examples of incentives that you could utilize:

  •          Gym Membership Reimbursement
  •          Free Pedometer
  •          Movie Tickets
  •          Cash
  •          Gift Cards to Various Restaurants or Stores
  •          Free Promotional Items
  •          Reduced Health Insurance Costs or Deductibles

These incentives will help keep your employees motivated to actively participate in the wellness program, but they will also serve as meaningful encouragement for when your employees start meeting their own personal goals.

If your desire is for your wellness program to succeed, we strongly recommend including incentives. You can get creative. Our Points to Wellness program and online portal can help you track everything without having to waste time and energy with paper reporting. Call us and let us help you make your corporate wellness program a success!