Does your company run a wellness program for its employees? If so, you’ve probably found that without a central, online system for running and tracking various parts of the program, the entire system can become inefficient and confusing. In fact, without an online wellness portal, you’re likely to hear fellow co-workers asking questions such as:

  • Isn’t there some kind of pedometer program starting soon?

  • How do I submit my weight for this week for our biggest loser challenge?

  • Is there a reward or incentive for participating in this exercise class?

  • What’s the topic of the “lunch and learn” seminar today?

  • How do I know how many total miles I’ve walked and how close I am to reaching my goal?

new portal loginThe Power of Organization On Your Side

Avoid the confusion and keep all of the aspects of your various programs – from dates and times to goal tracking and more – completely organized with the advanced wellness portal offered by Wellworks for You. We have been in the corporate wellness industry for years and one of our greatest achievements in this field is the development of our customizable wellness website. We call it WW4U Online. This tool can be white-labeled to match your business’ brand and you can even control design elements to really make it your own.

The Power of Tracking On Your Side

Not only is the wellness portal important for organization on the employees part, but it is also essential for management. Remember why you started a wellness program in the first place? Wasn’t it to encourage healthy lifestyles among employees in order to ultimately reduce healthcare costs for your company? If that is still your goal, then it’s time to start taking the numbers seriously.


A Well-Developed Online Wellness Portal Will be Able to Offer Management the Following:

  • Information on how many employees are participating in programs and challenges

  • Details on employees who are reaching their goals and qualifying for awards

  • Easy access to employee health data from risk assessments and biometric screenings

  • A means for tracking overall program success and ROI of the wellness initiatives

There are many other great features offered by the WW4U Online wellness portal. For an interactive overview, please check out the video below!