muscle armHaving a strong core and rock solid abs is a great goal. In fact, physical wellness goals are normally all very worthy endeavors and all that hard work certainly pays off when summer time rolls around and you can wear that bathing suit with confidence! However, here at Wellworks For You, we want to spread the word about the benefits of total wellness, which includes much more than purely physical strength or toned muscles. Having a healthy body is definitely one important area of wellness. It requires exercise, strength training, informed eating decisions and proper sleep schedules. In fact, Wellworks has developed specific wellness programs to address each of these aspects of physical wellness. But total wellness is just as important. This is a term that encompasses several different areas of healthy living beyond just the physical.

Aspects of Total Wellness

Beyond physical health is intellectual or mental wellness. Mental health is an area of wellness that has been gaining more and more focus in the media and health fields recently, but we believe has always been an integral part of total wellness. Intellectual health refers to a person’s ability to interact with the world and others in such a way that is open to new experiences, taking on challenges, and learning new things. Having a mind that is well stimulated and ready to work hard at every task or challenge it faces is an indicator of mental wellness.

All of the areas of wellness described in this article are integrated with one another because they coexist in every one of us. They build from each other and one can suffer as a result of another being neglected. For example, emotional wellness can be strongly influenced by the previous two topics, physical and intellectual wellness. Emotional wellness refers to a person’s ability to understand him/herself in such a way as to be able to properly cope with challenges that life will so often bring. This is also the area of health that includes a person’s ability to understand and properly express different emotions including sadness, anger, joy, frustration and many others.

social peopleSocial wellness is another component of total wellness and refers to a person’s ability to maintain working and positive relationships with the people he/she is surrounded by. This includes: family, friends, coworkers, and even acquaintances. When someone is able to find balance in maintaining all of his/her relationships and able to develop meaningful bonds with other people, he or she is experiencing social wellness.

Occupational wellness refers to a person’s desire to perform the work he/she has chosen to the best of his/her ability and find fulfillment in that work while maintaining balance in other areas of life as well. Desiring to make a positive impact on the world by performing one’s job well leads to occupational wellness. Increasing occupational wellness and developing healthy corporate culture are some of the primary goals of Wellworks for You.

Being aware of the need to take care of our world is called environmental health. Our world’s resources are constantly being used up and when we are aware of that fact and when we act in a way that expresses our care of our resources (a simple example would be recycling in the home), we are acting on environmental wellness. Having a desire to maintain our earth for generations to come is an important aspect of overall wellness.

The final area we will mention here is spiritual wellness. Spiritual wellness area refers to the journey and destination of every person who seeks peace, harmony and stability in his/her life. Spiritual wellness is many times not really considered when someone is discussing total wellness, but is an integral component of every human’s total health and plays some sort of role in everyone’s life, whether they realize it or not.

Each of these aspects of total wellness are extremely important to each individual’s ability to thrive in this world. Wellworks for You is an independent corporate wellness agency that specializes in promoting workplace health through a wide variety of helpful and creative programs. Call us for more details on how you can help your employees improve their occupational health!