As a wellness company, Wellworks aims to always champion and promote healthy lifestyles. Healthy minds and healthy bodies make life easier, longer, and happier. Thankfully, people around the world are jumping on board with the now popular concepts of becoming more fit and more health-conscious. Health trends are becoming more and more mainstream as people health bandwagonbecome increasingly educated and recognize the importance of wellness. We would like to share some popular health trends with you and we hope that one or two will catch your eye. Joining in with a larger community can be very motivating to becoming more healthy. So here’s your chance to jump on the bandwagon!

Taking a Look at Current, Popular Health Trends

Gluten-Free Options

One of the biggest current health trends is “going gluten-free.” With the discovery of celiac disease, people are becoming more aware of this little ingredient that seems to be in everything from bread to hair dye. About 1 in 133 Americans are unable to process gluten but another 6% are gluten-sensitive. Even people who aren’t allergic or sensitive to gluten have decided to cut it from their diet. There are a variety of reasons for this. Some people claim going gluten-free reduces inflammation, increases energy, or even helps them lose weight. Scientists and researchers conflict on this issue. The good news is that those who are truly sensitive or even allergic to gluten now have plenty of other options like millet, buckwheat, and quinoa. Even many restaurants are now offering an entirely separate gluten-free menu for their diet conscious customers.

Eliminating Certain Foods

Along with gluten, many people are creating their own type of diet by eliminating whatever they think they need less of from their diet. Some choose to shun carbs or sugar, while others cut back on alcohol or dairy. Some have discovered food allergies or sensitivities and have chosen to refrain from eating certain food so they don’t feel sick. Others notice they eat too much of something or are even addicted to it. Instead of dealing with cravings and withdrawals, people are choosing the healthier route of self-denial. Health trends come and go, but these so called “elimination diets” have been around for a long time and are now making a strong comeback.

Organic Foods

With the advancement of genetically engineered or modified foods into grocery stores nationwide, many consumers are doing their research about where their food is coming from. Organic food is generally considered better and healthier, though it is usually also a little more expensive. Some people want their foofresh produced to be grown without any hormones, genetically modified ingredients, or pesticides. Because organic food is grown without any of those potentially harmful additives, many people prefer it for purely health reasons. Since environmental friendliness is also another popular topic, organic food has been touted as better for you and the earth as well. Organic health trends have slowly been growing in popularity for the past twenty years, but have especially peaked in the past five.

Slow Cooker Recipes

Crockpot recipes have been making a big comeback in the past decade. Slow cookers can be used year-round. They are convenient for making meals ahead of time and they allow busy moms and dads to prep meals with little to no time necessary while still keeping the ingredients healthy. Dinner is ready without much effort and the urge to order take out is avoided. Crock pots essentially allow you to create comfort food with control over every ingredient. You can make restaurant quality meals with less fat, sodium, or sugar than you would normally eat in fast food or restaurant food. Versatility and creativity are the key characteristics of the slow cooker.

Local Produce and Beyond

Last but not least, one of the most explosive health trends is buying local produce. Farmer’s markets are cropping up all over the country. Local farmers are gaining recognition in their communities and many people are looking for local produce in an area near them. People like the idea of supporting their farming neighbors while feeding their family fresh and nutritious produce at the same time. Even beyond local produce, communities are now growing and creating their own products such as local cheese, microbrews, and artisanal breads and jams. Quantity has been trumped by quality. Locals are now willing to pay slightly higher prices for quality products that benefit the local business owner and the larger community.

If you’re interested in becoming healthier, consider one or more of these current health trends as your catalyst for change. Jump on board and start building a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family!