So, your employer announced that your company is starting a new workplace wellness program and you’re not quite sure what to think about it. What’s the catch? Why should you participate? Is this just one more thing to add to your “to do” list?

We’re in the business of helping companies implement and manage their wellness programs, and throughout our years in this industry, we’ve encountered all of these same questions from why participateemployees just like you. However, we’ve also had the opportunity to witness the many ways that workplace wellness programs have literally changed people’s lives for the better! We’ve been there to watch people succeed in their weight loss goals, reach new fitness levels that they never previously dreamed possible, and even quit smoking. So, we’re here to share with you just a few reasons why participation in your company’s wellness program just might be a great idea.

Why Participate in Your Company’s Workplace Wellness Program?

Taking advantage of a workplace wellness program will allow you to take control of your health is a way that is easily accessible and can fit right into your already busy schedule. You already spend a ton of time at work, right (probably more than you really want to)? Why not take advantage of the fact that your employer is offering you a way to manage your health goals and tackle potential health problems right here in the workplace. We believe that the first reason to participate is a simply one:

#1: Improve Your Own Health on Company Time

That leads us to the second reason we’d recommend checking out what your employer is offering. Whether you want to admit it or not, everyone has some sort of health risk or potential health problem. Some of those problems are just more pronounced than others. But honestly, it is often the small, unnoticed issues that we let go for years and years that come back to bite us in the long run. Workplace wellness programs are designed to be preventative. Take advantage of the health risk assessments, biometric screenings and health coaching that your company is providing. Remember: knowledge is power and the more you know about your health now, the better job you can do of maintaining it into the future! So, why participate?

#2: Gain Knowledge & Take Action Towards Better Health Now!

… I would just like to thank you for sponsoring the smoking cessation program at our company. I have taken it and have quit smoking. I think this time it’s for good. Thanks and good job. The instructor is great …” – client testimonial

Many people will spend years of their life living with low energy levels and a lack of motivation. If you feel like most weeks, you are simply “getting through,” then we’d highly recommend checking out the various tools and events provided through your workplace wellness program. When you use these tools, you can really make a positive change in your life. Proper nutrition can make all of the difference in your energy level. And fitting some manageable daily exercise into your routine can ignite a renewed sense of motivation and excitement about life and health. Your employer will benefit because they’ll have a more active, productive worker out of you. But the benefits extend well beyond that. Think of how a healthier lifestyle can benefit you personally. Your work environment will get better, but you’ll also have more energy and motivation to spend time with family and enjoy the outdoors! In addition, your workplace wellness programs may be helping you to lose those extra pounds, which will result in a boost for your self esteem. Can’t beat that. So, consider reason number three…

#3: Use Provided Tools to Increase Energy and describe the imageFeel & Look Great

… My New Year’s Resolution is to continue to utilize the tools that the Wellworks For You website and newsletter have to offer in order to improve my wellness and overall health. I am committed to making my body healthier throughout the many activities that are
available…” – client testimonial

If you’re an employee at a company that is starting a workplace wellness program, we hope that you are now convinced that participating is definitely in your best interest. If you manage a company that is interested in implementing a program like this for your employees, simply contact Wellworks for You today! We’d love to help you get started.