Whether your company calls it a corporate health incentive program, a wellness program or a company-wide health initiative, the goals are the same: happier, healthier employees and significant savings for your company. These goals are reached in a variety of ways and companies all over the world are putting creative spins on their programs to increase involvement and keep costs down. A successful corporate health incentive program could consist of a variety of components and features, but keeping these 3 general rules in mind will ensure success for any business’ wellness initiative.

How to Make Your Health Incentive Program a Success…

  • Encourage Involvement!

    healthy lifeNo matter an individual’s status in the company or his or her personal health struggles, goals and victories, participation by a large majority of a company’s employees is always a trademark of a successful corporate health incentive program. Having senior leaders and bosses of a company act on the idea that wellness is an important and time worthy initiative makes the idea more believable and proves to other employees how serious the company is about the program. Not only does the whole company benefit when management  and executives decide to involve themselves in this way, but they themselves will be reaping the benefits of participating in the program as well. This principle goes the other way too. Wellness is just as important for the secretary as it is the CEO, so there are no excuses to be uninvolved!

  • Create a Well-Rounded, “Renaissance Program”!

    Diverse activities, challenges, goals, incentives and modes of measuring and tracking information are all characteristics of successful wellness programs. A program that never moves beyond a weight loss challenge is not going to reap the same benefits as one which includes multiple focuses and means of reaching goals in several different areas. Wellness is a word which incompasses more than just physical exercise or stress management techniques. No matter what your company calls its program, it should be including opportunities for employees to focus on physical, emotional and even mental health. When all of these areas are considered and explored, the list of possible activities and challenges to include in a corporate health incentive program is endless.

  • Creativity is key!

    Even low budget programs can be extremely productive and successful. Finding cost effective ways to involve employees in wellness activities can be challenging, but sometimes can actually prove even more rewarding! Why not purchase some yoga DVDs or any type of exercise videos for that matter and run a lunch hour class in a large room in the office? This way, employees get onsite exercise in an encouraging and supportive environment while building relationships and the company doesn’t have to pay an instructor or flip the bill for local gym memberships. While you’re at it, here are some other creative ideas you might want to try:

    • Plant a vegetable garden near the office

    • talk healthBegin a healthy tips memo board that everyone can post to

    • Start an office wide email messaging system with healthy tips and reminders

    • Reward people with things like a free dress down day or a privileged parking spot

    • ….the list goes on and on!

No matter the size or type of company you’re involved in, the opportunity to have an awesome corporate health incentive program is knocking! Whether your program is currently non-existent or is simply just struggling, be sure to consider and implement the above few points so that the program can reach its fullest potential.