What are the Corporate Benefits of Biometric Testing?

In this current economy, many companies are looking for creative ways to save money and lower costs. Unfortunately, depending on how a company goes about achieving these goals, their decisions can often have a negative effect on their customer service, the quality of the products, and especially on their employees. It may be tempting to lower or even negate health benefits to employees in order to save money. However, Wellwork for You can offer a way in which you can actually save money by continuing to provide excellent health care for your employees. Biometric testing is a recommended part of any corporate employee wellness biometric testingprogram. These tests consists of evaluations that help identify any past, current, or future medical issues and they will not only prove beneficial for your staff, but they will also save your company money in the long run.  

Healthier and Happier Employees

Biometric testing can provide employees with specific health information and educate them about their own potential risks. Once they receive their test results, they will be able to find out if they are currently dealing with a medical issue that requires attention or if they are at risk for something that could develop in the future. These tests are extremely valuable and would be very expensive if conducted by a doctor’s office for each individual employee. Not only can biometric screenings help employees discover specific medical risks, but it can also prompt them to think about their overall wellness and make decisions towards a healthier lifestyle in general.

Many of your employees may be generally healthy, but need to be encouraged to stay in shape and eat right. Biometric testing can offer that motivation to help them make quality decisions for their own health. Chances are that you also have some employees that really do have serious health concerns. After receiving concerning test results, they may decide it is time to get serious about their health and change some habits or behaviors. This leads to a staff of happier, healthier employees and will reduce the long term costs that your business has to carry for healthcare expenses, workers comp and employee absenteeism.

Save Money on Health Costs

Corporate wellness programs are designed to help businesses save money when it comes to health care costs for their employees. Effective wellness plans, especially those that include basic biometric screenings, can significantly reduce costs for employers. Not only can the corporation save money, but they can show their employees that their health is important. You can make an investment into the everyday life of your employees with this win-win solution! Why not make the investment, experience the great ROI and enjoy the results?

Wellworks For You works with forward thinking businesses like yours that desire to engage their employees in discussions about health. Working with us will allow you to create your own custom wellness plan for your company and take advantage of the savings we can provide for services like biometric testing through our vast network of vendors and associated health care providers.