Wellworks For You has designed a state-of-the-art pedometer walking program to engage employees in any stage of their fitness journey. From beginners to seasoned runners, the pedometer program is easily customizable for each and every participant with the use of our pedometer walking program1handy smartphone app. The entire program is run by our online software, which measures participant progress and allows each user to design their own personal walking program. In addition to being compatible with the app, our software also works with Fitbit Technology and Omron USB pedometers. Walking sessions can range in length and time and some may choose to run as well. The online program allows participants to create walking maps, set goals and track progress. Users can even search for nearby walking trails and parks with our interactive maps of the entire United States, Europe and Canada. With easy access to these tools, participates can set realistic and achievable goals.

The Many Benefits of a Workplace Pedometer Walking Program

Our pedometer walking program is accessible for all employees because those who do not have a smartphone can simply use the traditional pedometer that comes standard with the program.  When a good number of your staff get involved in a program like this, an encouraging atmosphere is created in the workplace. Employees will find that even if they do not feel up for running, simply walking on a regular basis can help towards achieving all of these goals:

  • Improve Cardio Health

  • Achieve Weight Loss

  • Increased Endurance

  • Increased Energy

  • Improve Overall Fitness

Motivating employees to participate in this easy and fun pedometer program is as simple as explaining the benefits! Most people would love the opportunity to achieve some of their health goals and just need that extra push that a structured program can provide. Or, maybe a fellow pedometer walking program2employee to walk with will give them the accountability they need to commit to regular exercise. When they are able to use our interactive maps and are able to clearly see their progress, your staff will realize how rewarding and fun participating in a pedometer walking program can be.

What are the results of a good, butt-kickin’ pedometer program?

Well, you’ll have employees that have more energy at work and throughout the day, have a longer attention span and better focus, feel better about themselves and are generally more motivated in their daily lives. Achieving goals can be extremely rewarding and will vastly improve people’s daily lives – not only in terms of physical health, but also in terms of self confidence. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Let us help you and your employees get started today! We’ll set you up with all the equipment you need and access to our exclusive online software, which will help keep everyone on track and make exercising fun!
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