While worksite wellness programs are certainly an upfront investment, they are proven to ultimately save money for the corporations that offer them. How does this work? By consistently encouraging employees to live overall healthier lives and creating an atmosphere that lends itself to personal growth and overall happier employees, companies are finding that their staff are producing more efficient work and costing them less in the long run. How do healthier employees cut a company’s cost? This idea may seem a bit round about at first glance, but the statistics support the case that wellness programs are quite financially worthwhile.

The Scoop on Worksite Wellness Programs: Here’s How They Work…

Employers offer worksite wellness programs through a variety of platforms that get employees excited and involved. In turn, employees begin to make healthier lifestyle choices and begin feeling/seeing the effects. Exercise, better eating habits, smoking cessation and other healthy activities are implemented into employees’ everyday lives with the encouragement and support of employers and fellow employees. This creates happier, healthier, more productive employees who are more loyal to their company. Compared to a staff comprised of lazy, unmotivated, bored employees, it seems quite obvious that it is extremely beneficial for a worksite wellnesscompany to instead have an active staff that is healthier, happier, and more pleasant to work with. Employees who have access to wellness programs tend to exude more positive energy and put more effort into their jobs.

On the financial side of the equation, these types of employees also prove beneficial because they require less money to put out by employers for health care costs and worker’s compensation. Worksite wellness programs also lead to less sick leave and reduced turnover costs. Employees who enjoy being part of their company and feel valued by that company are more likely to stick around for the long haul, leading to a lower turnover rate. According to a wellness study done just this year (2013) by insurance company Highmark Inc., corporations implementing corporate wellness programs have a 15% slower healthcare cost rising rate than companies that do not. A study by wellnessproposals.com reports that sick leave is lowered by 28% in companies offering worksite wellness programs, employee’s compensation is lowered by 30%, and use of healthcare benefits by 26%.

If you’re convinced by the statistics, but still aren’t sure about where to start, give Wellworks for You a call to discuss how we can help set your company up with a program and strategy that meets your needs. Wellness programs don’t need to be elaborate. Starting small can sometimes be the best route. Just remember that keeping things fun, creative and engaging is the goal. The benefits won’t be seen unless people are involved! For more information and ideas on corporate wellness programs, check out our many opportunities at www.wellworksforyou.com.