Corporations that are considering beginning worksite wellness programs may be wondering if the benefits truly outweigh the costs. After all, once you spend the time and the money to plan for, execute and follow up on various programs, is the return on investment really that significant? The answer is: yes!

Worksite wellness programs can range from educational activities and resources to interactive events and challenges. Some commonly implemented programs include corporate lunch and learns, weight loss or nutrition challenges, pedometer programs, biometric screenings and health fairs! The wide range of available programs makes it easy to pick and choose the ones that will fit your employees’ needs, meet your corporate goals and produce a great ROI for your company.

The Benefits of Worksite Wellness Programs

It’s long been known that these programs are beneficial for employees and that they contribute positively to corporate life in general. But when it comes to the financial decision about whether to offer worksite wellness programs, it is important that company decision-makers have all facts and numbers. After all, if there is a claim that these programs can improve your bottom line, there should be some proof to validate that claim. Turns out there is!

The American Journal of Health Promotion recently analyzed over 50 independent studies that were conducted on the efficiency of corporate health and wellness initiatives. In years past, studies have often produced results ranging from $3 to $4 value savings per dollar invested. worksite wellness programsHowever, this recent study found the number to be closer to $5 savings! To truly quantify the ROI, the American Journal of Health Promotion concluded the following:

On average, companies who implemented a worksite wellness program saw:

  • a 27% decrease in absenteeism due to sick leave
  • 26% overall reduction in health-related costs
  • 32% reduction in disability and workers’ comp payouts

With significant savings like the ones mentioned above, it is clear that these programs are truly beneficial for corporations from a financial standpoint. The important thing is that you find a management company like Wellworks for You that is business savvy and knows how to create programs that will truly make an impact on your bottom line.