Corporate health fairs are growing in popularity among companies that already have a corporate wellness program in place and even among those that don’t. Whether your company has been running wellness activities and events for quite some time or you are just looking into all the benefits of beginning a wellness program, holding a corporate health fair is a great way health fairs2to:

  • introduce your employees to some creative, engaging wellness activities

  • educate employees about the latest trends in wellness

  • give employees the opportunity to take part in free or discounted services

Let’s Look at What’s Hot and What’s Not in the World of Corporate Health Fairs

What’s Hot: Customization (What’s Not?… “Cookie-Cutter” Events)

Considering that the goal of corporate health fairs is always to benefit employees (which, of course, will in turn benefit the entire company), it is important that the team that is planning the event take into consideration the particular group of people that the fair is going to service. Knowing your audience and the particular demographics will really help to make your fair customized to your particular employees’ needs. Depending on people’s interests and concerns, the types of vendors invited to the fair and the activities set up could differ greatly from one fair to the next.

What’s Hot: A Fair During Work Hours (What’s Not?…Participation that Requires Extra Time)

Employees appreciate when companies give them opportunity to spend some time during work hours to participate in health programs. This applies to wellness fairs and health days too. Many companies are now opting to hold their corporate health fairs during the workday to ensure that many employees are able to attend and to keep staff from having to come early or stay late in order to participate. Health fairs can be as long or short as necessary and a good time frame for them to take place is between the hours of 10am and 2pm. Depending on the group you are catering to, employees may appreciate the fair being held on a weekend, but usually only if there is a particular advantage, such as an open invitation for their families to attend as well. But in general, most people would rather not spend time outside of work for work-related activities.

health fairs1What’s Hot: Having Fun (What’s Not?…Nothing Fun or Free Being Offered)

Another thing to keep in mind is that a corporate health fair should create a fun, relaxed environment where employees can learn new things about general health and how choosing a healthy lifestyle will affect them personally. Having available health screenings of all kinds including hearing, eyesight, blood pressure, etc. will go a long way with getting employees interested in your fair. Education is important, but you should also let them have some fun! Having vendors like massage therapist, chiropractors, and spa beauticians can make corporate health fairs not only worthwhile for employees, but also really relaxing and enjoyable. Employees won’t soon forget that their company provided them with a free massage or facial and along with many other reasons for holding a corporate health fair, gaining employees’ appreciation and gratitude certainly makes the list!