Is it possible to start a corporate wellness program without all of the hassle and inefficiency associated with initiating a new project? If your company is interested in implementing a comprehensive workplace wellness program, but you are hesitant to take on the workload and commitment of corporate wellness management, we have a solution for you! Follow these tips below to ensure that you achieve the program you want with as little hassle as possible.

5 Tips for Successful Corporate Wellness Management

1. Initial Assessment

Like any successful venture, the process should start with research. Conduct health assessments of your current employees and make plans to have wellness testing be a regular requirement for new hires. When you’ve collected and analyzed the data from these assessments, you should have a decent idea about where to begin. Identify trends among your demographics. Decide which health risks seem most prevalent among your staff. You may even want to use a simple survey to determine which types of wellness programs your employees would be interested in seeing your company offer.

2. Develop a Program Strategy and Rollout Timeline

Putting on a comprehensive wellness program is a team effort. Once you have your corporate wellness management team in place, it’s time to meet to set up a short term and long term plan for the roll out of your programs. Decide which challenges, incentives and educational opportunities you want to include and when you’re going to launch each one. Decide on goals for measuring success in each category and begin to make plans for how you will promote these upcoming events among your staff.

describe the image3. Encourage Participation

This starts with upper management buy in. When a new program is initiated, employees need to see that company executives are serious about it and participating in it themselves. Once
your management team has committed to participating, brainstorm creative ways to incentivize employee participation. You can offer prizes for winning programs or even incorporate monetary benefits such as free gym memberships or lower health insurance premiums.

4. Test, Track and Measure

Just as research is important on the front end, your program won’t continue to grow and be beneficial unless you do some research afterwards as well. Having access to comprehensive metrics will require you to purchase program tracking software that can catalogue each employee’s information as well as offer you aggregate results. You’ll want to be able to determine rates of participation, percentages of improvement in various health areas and the resulting profitability for your company.

5. Get Professional Assistance

If all of this still sounds a bit overwhelming, then we’d like to offer our fifth and final tip to take the pressure off! Rather than spend in-house time and resources creating an entire program from scratch and attempting to take on the challenge of corporate wellness management, why not just hire a company like Wellworks for You that provides each of these services mentioned above? The Wellworks team is skilled and experienced in helping companies like yours implement successful workplace wellness programs. For more information about how we can help, call us today at 1-800-425-4657.