From a purely financial standpoint, most companies are now well aware that wellness programs at work are strategic in reducing healthcare costs and workplace inefficiency due to absenteeism. But if the monetary benefit alone doesn’t convince you, we’d like to share the benefit of these programs from the other perspective as well – the impact they have on employees.

How Are Wellness Programs At Work Really Benefiting Employees?

Health Benefits to Employees

Well, this first point may seem obvious. Employees that have the opportunity to participate in wellness programs at work are more likely to eat better, lose weight, quit smoking, decrease body mass index (BMI) and exercise regularly! However, the real value of corporate wellness happy employeeprograms is their design to encourage long-term health changes. While short term results are obviously beneficial, the programs also offer extensive health education that employees can take with them throughout their lifetime in order to improve their life overall. In the future, employees can look back and continue to benefit from the lessons they learned and the tools they were taught to use while they participated in a workplace wellness program.

Financial Benefits to Employees

Many companies offer significant benefits to employees who participate in wellness programs at work. For example, anyone who signs up for a particular challenge or event may be entered into a raffle to win a prize. Or, the winner of a challenge might receive a monetary bonus or a gift card. A more significant financial benefit could include the free use of an on-site fitness center. If your corporation has a facility to make available to your employees at no cost, that could save them hundreds of dollars per year on a gym membership they would otherwise have to purchase. Lastly, employees who engage in corporate wellness programs may be eligible for a lower health insurance premium. These kinds of financial benefits truly make an impact for employees.

Emotional Benefits to Employees

The average person spends a significant percentage of their waking hours at their workplace. For many, this is an office setting and an environment that can quickly become mundane and/or stressful. Without a strong sense of personal discipline, many employees fall into unhealthy habits that lead to emotional instability. Wellness programs at work help to keep employees active and achieve amazing results, which naturally boosts their self esteem and their motivation level in general. In addition, exercise and a healthy diet can be significant contributors to battling the effects of stress on the body. Employees that are active in wellness programs are better equipped to deal with all that corporate life demands of them and even feel more connected to their coworkers and to their company.