While everyone enjoys those first days of beautiful weather that spring has to offer, some of us also experience that sinking feeling in our stomachs, knowing that bathing suit weather is just around the corner. After a long winter of snacking and sweater wearing, the reality of preparing our bodies for summer time can seem daunting!

If you don’t want to spend another summer wearing your shirt at the beach or in the pool, it may be time to heed some helpful nutrition advice. Here at Wellworks For You, our job is helping companies to institute and manage corporate wellness programs that will benefit their employees and their bottom line. We’re all about health and wellness and we’ve been advising the corporate world about the importance of healthy eating and weight management for years. Take our word for it…you’ll enjoy your summer much more if your body is ready for it!

Helpful Nutrition Advice to Prepare for Summer

1. Stay Hydrated

glass water.jpgFeel like you’re lacking energy? It very well could be simply because you are not drinking enough water. Think about your workday so far. Did you have coffee this morning? A soda for lunch? Many people go all day without drinking water and don’t even realize it. But it’s important to remember that drinking water during the day keeps the body hydrated, which helps to increase energy levels (which helps you burn calories!). Plus, water keeps the body flushed of any toxins that might build up. Try keeping a large bottle of water at your desk with you – chances are, if its there, you’ll drink it!

2. Eat a Wide Variety of Colors

Here’s a piece of nutrition advice that’s often overlooked. When planning your meals (this goes for packed lunches too), be sure to include a variety of colors in your diet. Each fruit and vegetable provides your body with different phytonutrients that help you to function well. You’ll want to make sure you’re getting the whole spectrum of benefits and a good way to do that is to incorporate fruits and vegetables of different colors. Here are some examples:

  • green: green apples, lettuce, broccoli, snap peas

  • yellow: bananas, squash, yellow peppers

  • purple: beets, eggplant, grapes

  • red: red peppers, red apples, pomegranate

  • orange: carrots, oranges, peppers

3. Avoid Too Much Sugar

For most people, trying to eliminate sugar from their diet altogether is too difficult and in most cases, it is also unnecessary. While you should allow yourself the occasional treat, it is very important to resist the urge for constant snacking and consuming high-sugar beverages (such as soda and even some juices). Intaking empty calories from sugar will cause you to put on weight without giving you the added benefit of sustained, increased energy that good calories will provide. For snack alternatives, try nuts, fruit, or whole grain crackers!

calculator4. Remember Simple Math

Remember that when it comes specifically to weight loss, it really is a numbers game. Be aware of your calories taken in as well as your calories being spent. To make this equation work in your favor, make plans to move your body more often! When you allot time in your day for exercise (even if it is 10 minutes at a time), you are contributing to the subtraction side of that calories equation. It may be necessary to also decrease the amount of calories you’re taking in (through smaller portions or healthier food choices), but exercise is a very important aspect in overall health.

We hope this nutrition advice has been helpful for you. Good luck preparing for summer!