Corporate wellness programs seem to be all the rage, but is it really necessary for your company to offer one? For the past several years, company health programs have been increasing in popularity and have become a more typical part of many professionals’ lives. Employees’ increase in overall health and wellness across a wide spectrum of industries is a testament to the benefit of corporate wellness programs. Many companies’ employees have reduced potential risks to their health, increased their understanding of various health concerns, changed their diets, stopped smoking, started exercising, improved personal relationships and gained more energy and focus – all as a result of participating in their company’s offered health programs. All of these things are indeed wonderful results, but when it gets down to the business side of these programs, it’s important to answer the question, “Are they worth it?”

Reasons Why Your Company Really Does Need a Wellness Program

The bottom line is that healthy employees cost less.

A number of studies have been done over the years which prove this point dramatically. Running a corporate wellness program at your company will prove to be a great business decision because it will result in an incredible r
eturn on investment. Studies have shown this number to be between three and six dollars for every dollar spent! Because healthy employees will require less wellness program1.jpgmedical attention, your company will naturally be able to save significantly on healthcare and insurance costs. By reducing health risks, workmen’s compensation payments will also decrease.

Healthy employees are more energized, focused and efficient.

As employees experience personal improvements to their overall health, the changes will also inevitably affect how they work. Employees who feel that their company is on their side and in ways working hard for them will be more motivated to be involved and actively participate in that company’s success. As a sense of loyalty develops, comradery increases and a positive atmosphere is created, employees who participate in their company’s wellness program become more likely to stay at that company longer.

So, before you brush off the idea of beginning a program like this at your company, think twice. There’s a good reason why wellness programs are growing in popularity among employees and executives alike. Not only do they greatly increase your employees’ overall health and improve their lives, they are also an efficient way to improve the life of your company by saving money and retaining better workers.