If you’re interested in starting a corporate wellness program in your workplace, but aren’t sure where to begin or what to include, check out these three unique and effective ideas that are sure to generate excitement and participation at your company.

3 Top Performing Corporate Wellness Programs

describe the image1) Wellness Challenges

Wellness challenges are a popular part of many corporate wellness programs because they are easily tailored to fit your employees’ interests and needs and are a fun way to boost morale and increase participation in the program. Wellness challenges can address many different areas of overall health. Depending on what specific areas the majority of your employee population is interested in, you can create the specifics for each challenge. Challenges can vary in length of time, number of goals to be met and types of incentives to go along with them. Some popular topics for wellness challenges include:

  • weight loss

  • healthy diet choices

  • hours of sleep

  • fitness and exercise

  • getting health screenings

  • volunteering

Many companies choose to use a points-based system in which the employees with the most points at the end of the challenge (usually shorter challenges, i.e. one week – one month are more effective) receive some type of reward. Hint: Looking into local business sponsorships for these awards can be helpful as that allows an avenue for your company to engage with the community and reduce the cost of running your program.

2) Wellness Newsletters & Bulletins newsletter bulletin

Wellness newsletters or bulletins are popular components of many corporate wellness programs because they allow for a vast amount of beneficial and educational information to be distributed to the entire employee population. The topics for wellness newsletters are endless; choosing a wellness management company like Wellworks For You can make the distribution of this type of communication easy. We will do the work of deciding which topics to cover, how often to send the newsletters out and we will make sure they get out to everyone on time. Newsletters are engaging, quick and easy to read and allow employees to think and learn about many aspects of overall wellness. Hint: Recipients find these resources especially helpful and fun when they include interactive components, such as trivia.

health coaching3) Health Coaching

Health coaches offer encouragement and advice to employees on a one-on-one basis. Health coaching allows individual employees to determine specific health goals and meet them with the help and accountability of another person. Health coaches can be available as much or as little as employees prefer and are able to discuss a wide range of wellness concerns. A few of the popular topics that health coaches work with are: smoking cessation, pre and post natal care, exercise plans and diet decisions. This can be a truly unique aspect of a well-rounded corporate wellness program because it gives employees that one-on-one attention that they often won’t even get from their own physician. Hint: health coaching is successful in the workplace because people usually tend to enjoy a certain level of accountability when they are attempting to reach health goals.