health fairsIn this day and age, insightful business leaders are realizing more than ever the benefits of incorporating wellness programs into their employees’ everyday work lives. This idea of equipping employees to make better choices regarding their overall health is gaining traction in the corporate world because the truth is that, in the long run, these programs save corporations money by decreasing overall health care expenses and workmen’s compensation costs.  Above and beyond saving money, leaders are recognizing the positive impact of wellness programs in their employees’ overall morale, energy and efficiency.

All About Health Fairs

Health fairs are one way of bringing information and services to employees in a fun and engaging way. Whether your corporation already has an existing wellness program, is looking to start one or would simply like to host a one time event, health fairs are a great tool to utilize in the education and encouragement of your employees. An event like this can truly inspire individuals to begin to be proactive about their health and wellness. All you need is a space for vendors to set up and for employees to browse around, receive information and get some great products, services and advice along the way! You provide the space and Wellworks for You will take care of the rest.

Wellworks For You can offer a wide range of services when it comes to having a health fair in your workplace. Because of our many connections in the health world, we will be able to compile a list of vendors that are specifically useful to your employee population. These vendors will be able to offer their services at your health fair for significantly discounted prices and will also offer promotional items and educational information about the services that they each provide. Health fairs can be great opportunities for employees to have some general screenings done, such as blood pressure, biometrics, hearing and more. Some other popular services include: body composition readings, massage therapy and flu shots.

Targeting the Right Crowdhealth fairs1

Health fairs can vary greatly in time and scale depending on your corporations needs. Our goal is to develop an event that is customized for your company and targets the audience and needs that are represented there. We can tell you based on our experience in this field that the fair will be more successful if scheduled between 10 am and 2 pm. Some employers choose to schedule fairs on weekends so that families can participate. Whatever you have in mind, Wellworks For You can do all the work for you and make sure that your fair will be a big hit among your staff! We will even provide internal advertisements for your event and cater the fair to your employees to ensure that the services offered there and the education received will be helpful specifically for them.