Did you know that many people have never taken a thorough wellness assessment? Even though it is one of the simplest and most effective ways to boost health and health awareness, it is unfortunately an underused resource. Wellworks for You is setting out to change all that with a dynamic corporate health assessment program that companies can institute in the workplace!wellness assessment1

As an employer, encouraging your employees to take part in an assessment shows them that you care about their overall health and happiness. Your encouragement could even save individuals from experiencing health problems down the road, which in turn can help reduce your employees’ anxiety and stress, maintain low corporate health insurance costs and keep your employees well and working hard. Many people are unaware of their personal potential health risks and won’t become aware of them until actual symptoms appear and the issue surfaces. Catching threats early or stopping threats altogether is clearly the best approach to preventative care. What a great gift from you to your employees! Wellness assessments are, in fact, one of the first key steps in developing a corporate wellness program tailored specifically for your individual employees.

How does a Wellness Assessment Work?

Health assessments help to identify potential health risks for individuals by obtaining a significant amount of detailed personal health information, usually in the form of several styles of questions presented in a sort of survey or questionnaire. Wellworks For You provides several different types of assessments. Each can provide beneficial and effective information for your employees about different areas of their overall health. After receiving the easy to read results from their wellness assessment, each employee will be given several suggestions of lifestyle changes that can help improve their current and future wellbeing. Our health assessments are thorough and accurate, but easy to complete and easy to understand. The different types of assessments we offer at Wellworks For You include: general, cardiac, fitness and diabetic risk assessments. Whether an employee’s results are extremely surprising to him/her or whether they present issues that person may have already known about, wellness assessments can be wonderful reminders and encouragers for people to stay on track with habits that improve health and to ditch those that are harmful.

wellness assessment2The Big Picture: Your Corporate Wellness Program

By determining the different individual risks of your employees, Wellworks For You is then able to tailor a corporate wellness program for your company at a personal level. Many of our other offered services and programs are based on an understanding of your particular employees’ personal issues and preferences, so starting by offering a health assessment is key to the success of the process. Whether it be joining a fitness class, participating in a weight loss challenge, connecting with a health coach or joining a smoking cessation program, employees need to understand the possible helpful solutions in order to be motivated to improve their overall health and well-being. But first, they have to be aware of their risks. Give your employees the gift of a wellness assessment and start them on a track to better living today!