Let’s start with the basics.

First, you’re probably not considering implementing a biometric screening program in your workplace if you don’t already have a well-established corporate wellness program in place. Biometrics screenings usually prove most effective when they are utilized as one tool in a package of various wellness offerings. A complete wellness program will allow you to do the necessary research leading up to your biometric screening day to make the event a success. This is because trackable results from other programs will allow you to best determine which biometric screenings2types of risk assessments are most important to have during your screenings, so you can develop a truly customized and effective experience for your particular group of employees. Also, biometric screenings should really be followed up by continued health education and coaching so that individuals know the right steps to take with the information they’ve received from their screening results.

With that being said, if your company does not already have a well-established, effectively working corporate wellness program, we invite you to call us today to find out how Wellworks For You can develop a custom program to meet your business’ needs. We take care of management and logistics and provide cutting-edge software so that your wellness programs can be implemented seamlessly in the workplace.

Now let’s take a look at what a biometric screening is and what may be included in this service.

What Are Biometric Health Screenings?

Biometric health screenings are an onsite offering for our employees that provide a general health check for the purpose of assessing key indicators of significant risk factors. These factors may range from the realm of cardiovascular health, to nerve health, to cancer risks or even diabetes. In order to determine risk levels for the previously mentioned health issues, several stations will be set up to take various assessments. Just a few of these may include:

biometric screenings – Testing blood glucose levels

– Checking Blood Pressure

– Measuring Cholesterol

– Assessing BMI (body mass index)



The Benefit of a Biometric Screening for Your Employees:

Obviously, the main benefit to this wellness program offering is the education that it provides for your staff. Remember, you can even customize your company’s biometric screening day to meet the specific needs of your employees. You could also combine the screening with a health risk assessment to provide further results. Lastly, many employers choose to follow up a biometric screening day with one-on-one health coaching sessions so that their employees are equipped with the professional, medical advice to make the best decisions based on the results they received. Your employees are sure to be thankful for the opportunity to learn more about their health and receive expert advice on how to take practical steps toward a healthier lifestyle!

The Benefits for your Business:

Like any good business, you should always be considering how the cost of offering such a program would compare with the potential return on that investment. After all, most employers would love to offer more programs and services to their hard-working employees, but if the math doesn’t add up, then it isn’t always a wise business decision to do so. Fortunately, in the case of biometric screenings, companies often experience a significant, positive ROI due to increased employee productivity as well as overall lower benefit costs having to be paid out in the long run.