At Wellworks For You, we offer a large variety of wellness programs for the workplace. However, these programs will only produce results when employees choose to participate in them; which is why we also offer a wellness incentive management program. Our program is designed to be flexible and personalized to your individual employees. Incentives are a way of rewarding employees who choose to participate in your corporate wellness program. Actual rewards can vary greatly and can be determined by administrators or by employee suggestions. Rewards can be personalized or more general and the Wellworks team can even help you brainstorm creative and fun rewards to be a part of your wellness incentive program.

wellness incentive management1Wellness Incentive Management Made Easy

Our personalized incentive tracking system is designed to monitor the success of your program and offer monthly reports to administrators as well as allow your employees to track their own participation and rewards through their ResultsNow! Wellness Report (accessed easily and securely online). These services will prove to be extremely helpful to your overall corporate wellness program because, while providing incentives may be easy, keeping track of them can become quite time consuming and tricky. Let the Wellworks For You advanced software and custom web portal system take care of the tracking and reporting and let your employees simply enjoy the benefits of improving their overall health!

wellness incentive managementWhile implementing incentives can be a positive and successful way of increasing employee participation in wellness programs, the necessary wellness incentive management process should also be a positive and successful endeavor for you. You need a system that is easy to handle, clear and useful. Corporate wellness programs can be as simple or as complex as administrators choose to make them. For them to be a success, we suggest incorporating several different areas of wellness. Different employees may want to focus on different parts of their overall health and may benefit from various parts of the program. The level of complexity of your program offerings can also determine the level of support you’ll need in your management of incentives and tracking.

Wellworks for You is known as leader in the industry for efficient wellness incentive management software and support. If your wellness program includes a pedometer walking program, a smoking cessation campaign, weight loss challenges, fitness classes and health fairs, then your system should also be able to provide various incentives at different levels for each of those particular activities, keep track of individual employees’ rewards, and provide accurate reporting about the status of the overall program to administration.