An executive wellness program is…

…any combination of organized policy and activities put together for the specific purpose of encouraging executive level staff in the workplace to be educated about and pursue a healthy lifestyle. The overarching goal of an executive wellness program would be to ultimately improve the general well being of the staff at your company. Staff in leadership positions in the workplace will not only be more energetic and efficient after taking part in the program, but will be able to set a positive example and create an encouraging atmosphere for everyone else. 

Why Have an Executive Wellness Program?

By implementing an executive wellness program at your company, you can be sure of your staff’s physical well being. That alone surely includes many benefits. Not only will your staff be more energized, efficient, and positive, but your company can actually save money in the process. These programs allow employers to see significant ROI. By providing preventive health screenings and other services to your employees you will be cutting down on health care costs in the long run. As employees recognize the benefit of the executive wellness program and begin to take part in it, they will most likely become more efficient workers, therefore decreasing wasted time in the workplace. Another result may be a greater sense of belonging among staff members which usually results in a better work ethic and a generally more positive atmosphere.
executive wellness program

What are the Possibilities?

Within the executive wellness program there is potential to include so many types of specific activities. Just a few examples of these include: educational meetings and lunches, health challenges, health coaching, onsite preventive screenings, health fairs, changing vending machine options, creating forums, distributing educational materials, implementing “walk and talk” meetings, holding fitness classes, smoking cessation programs, and incentive management. A combination of several of these options will make for an effective, customized executive wellness program for your company. The goal is to engage everyone and have fun.

Keep in mind that several of the above mentioned possibilities do require quite a bit of facilitating and management. Wellworks For You is equipped to create and implement a specialized program for your specific needs.  We take care of all of the details with our comprehensive software and years of experience in this industry. You sit back and enjoy the results.

How to Make it Work

At Wellworks For You, we believe the key in making any executive wellness program work is to make it personal. Communication with the staff that you are aiming to involve is crucial. Employees may find it difficult to be interested and engaged in something if they feel that it doesn’t relate to them in any way. Because there are so many possible types of activities that can be included in the program, finding out which ones the staff would be most likely to participate in will go a long way. Do some research first (again, Wellworks for You can help walk you through this process) and decide on the perfect plan for your workplace.