describe the imageWhen you take the time and investment to implement a wellness program at your workplace, you’ll want to ensure that comprehensive reporting is available and that you, as the executive, will have the ability to access the necessary reports. After all, making the proper decisions to continually move your company forward always requires that you have the proper data first. It is no different with your wellness programs.

When you are looking into wellness companies that offer a variety of corporate health programs and different levels of reporting, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind.

4 Things You Need to Know About Workplace Wellness Reporting

  • #1: You Need to Remain HIPAA Compliant

While it is imperative to have a reporting system that will allow you to view aggregate data as well as individual metrics, it is also just as essential that you’re using a program that can offer you this information while also maintaining strict HIPAA compliance. Every employee has the right to privacy, even in matters of workplace wellness, so individual information should always be kept personal and confidential.

  • #2: You Need a Interactive Backend System to Gather Intel

Do not hire corporate wellness services from a company that is not well-established with leading edge technology. There is great efficiency in taking advantage of online portals and virtual tracking methods and a good corporate wellness company will have a customized online system for your employees to utilize. For example, here at Wellworks for You, we have spent a significant amount of investment and energy in developing our comprehensive web portal. This tool can be customized to fit your brand and your employees will have complete access to a variety of tools, interactive functions and tracking strategies through the site.

While this is an efficient and professional way to keep your wellness programs convenient for your employees, it is also a necessary piece to having access to comprehensive reporting on the backend. You should not have to take guesses as to how effective your programs have been. Using the data collected from the use of the portal will allow you to have full wellness reporting at the click of a button.
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  • #3: You Need to Measure More Than Participation

A great wellness program should be about more than just getting people involved. While participation is a great start, the ultimate goal is improvement. First, your wellness reporting should indicate improvement in individual’s wellness goals and accomplishments. Second, the overall statistics on a corporate level should show improvement across the board – these metrics should go beyond simply participation percentages and should include such measurements as weight loss, miles walked, risks decreased, nutritional goals met, etc. And lastly, your wellness reporting would not be complete if it did not also provide statistics on corporate financial benefits such as money saved and decreased levels of absenteeism.

  • #4: You Need Professional Analysis 

Invest in a wellness company that will walk through the process with you each step of the way. When it comes time to evaluate wellness reporting, you’ll want a qualified professional in the field of corporate wellness to analyze statistics with you and help you assess how your company is doing compared to national averages. You’ll also want to get qualified, honest recommendations on how to move forward. For example, there may be a particular program that is not reaping the benefits you’d hoped and a corporate wellness professional will be able to identify that and recommend a different program to implement in its place.

For comprehensive wellness reporting and the professional analysis to help you make the most of your programs, call Wellworks For You today at 800-425-4657.