Corporations are always looking for ways to promote efficiency, decrease costs and contribute towards employee satisfaction. And employees are always looking for a good job with quality benefits and an executive team that cares about their personal well-being. The corporate wellness industry has arisen out of these very needs and to fill the gap of health education and incentives within the workplace.

For this reason, your company may currently be considering beginning a wellness program. When it comes to implementing a corporate employee wellness program, we think it’s an easy decision because it truly is a win-win! Why do we say that? Well, let’s consider the benefits to the parties involved.

Benefits of an Employee Wellness Program for your Staff

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  • Access to Health Education and Services: Employees benefit greatly from the wide variety of services offered through an employee wellness program. They can receive complimentary health screenings, disease prevention training, and helpful health awareness education. In addition, they’ll have the opportunity to participate in wellness challenges and incentives.
  • A Sense of Belonging to Your Company: Employees spend dozens of hours per week in their place of work. Their company basically becomes a home away from home and their co-workers are their second family. With a robust employee wellness program at your company, your employees will appreciate the value you’ve placed on them and will enjoy a greater sense of belonging to your corporate family.

Benefits of an Employee Wellness Program for your Company

  • Reduce Costs: Did you know that a good employee wellness program will actually save your company time and money in the long run? The benefits far outweigh the costs when you calculate the results of savings in health care coverage. In fact, a comprehensive review by LS Chapman recently found that companies’ health costs were reduced by an average of 26% when wellness programs were implemented. That’s a nearly $6 – $1 savings-to-cost ratio!
  • employee wellness program1Boost Productivity: Many employees find themselves overwhelmed by the stress of life and come to work tired, depressed or unmotivated. Many of these physical issues – and even some of the mental struggles – can be significantly decreased through a helpful employee wellness program. The same study mentioned above also found that companies with an employee wellness program in place had a 28% drop in absenteeism. Of course, with healthier, more energetic employees that actually come to work, a lot can be accomplished!