While several studies, reports, and evidence point to elements such as routine assessments, management involvement, clear implementation, and evaluation as the makings of successful employee wellness programs, what is the opinion of your employees?

While employers have much to gain from the health and wellness of their workers, if their employee health and wellness program doesn’t match the desires of their employees, achieving potential benefits like significant savings in insurance premiums, minimization of compensation claims, and reduced absenteeism will be more difficult to obtain.

Discover the Employee Wellness Programs Your Employees Really Want

One recent peer-review study asked a diverse range of employees from various occupations what they’d like to see incorporated into employee wellness programs. The conclusions yielded some of the following elements:

  • Options for healthy food at work
  • Access to a list of wellness activities taking place in the workplace, fitness and nutrition information, and other health-related options
  • Opportunities for exercise during work hours
  • Involvement and support and participation of management
  • Acknowledgment and reward for reaching certain health and wellness milestones

How can being more informed about the health and wellness desires of employees and the evidence-supported successful elements of employee wellness programs meet in the middle to help employers to achieve maximum ROI, the improved health of their employees, and a boost in workplace morale? It’s an important question and one that Wellworks For You specializes in answering. We routinely implement employee wellness programs for businesses that benefit both employer and employee.

Finding the Perfect Middle Ground

Part of pleasing employees and ensuring that your employee wellness program is a success is being able to offer a variety of health and wellness options. At Wellworks For You, we provide modern, relevant, and comprehensive workplace wellness solutions, including:

  • A User-Friendly Wellness Portal

Employee-Wellness-ProgramsEmployees and employers have access to a smartphone app, Fitness and Nutrition Dashboard, Appointment system, Health Metrics Tracking, Wellness Challenges via Gamification Technology, Wellness Toolbox, and much more to keep them informed and up-to-date on the latest health and wellness options in the workplace.

  • Health Risk Assessments

Enables the evaluation for nine of the most costly, modifiable, chronic diseases.

  • Device and App Integration

Employees can sync their Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin, and similar devices with the Wellness Portal’s Fitness and Nutrition Dashboard.

  • Telemedicine

Our physician network is available every day, all day, 365 days of the year to offer employees convenience and timely solutions to optimize health and wellness in the workplace (and beyond).

  • Wellness Challenges

A Challenge Dashboard for easy tracking, real-time leaderboards, team and individual challenges, challenge-design flexibility, and custom challenge goals enable employees opportunities for the fitness they crave, with the support they need to be successful.

Results-based Wellness Program: For You and Your Employees

Results-based wellness programs attempt to truly impact the lives of employees by determining what really works for each particular group and even more specifically, for each individual employee. By offering different types of events and challenges, smoking cessation programs, health screenings, nutrition and fitness information, and tutorials, employees are more likely to be active and involved in employee wellness programs.

To learn more about how to help satisfy the health and wellness goals of your employees and to maximize your employee wellness program ROI, contact us now by calling 800-425-4657.