7 Best Smoking Cessation Products

More Americans have an addiction to nicotine than any other drug. And out of those that try to quit smoking, only 5% succeed that attempt it without the use of additional help. However, when smoking cessation products are used, the percentage of success jumps up to at least 30% and in cases with support tools, even higher.

So what are the best smoking cessation products available for use?

NRT’s (Nicotine Replacement Therapy)


NRT’s use small doses of nicotine without the added harmful chemicals found in cigarettes and gradually decrease the dosage of nicotine in order to reduce cravings.

1. Nicotine Patches
An over-the-counter option found at any local drugstore, these patches deliver nicotine through your skin, reducing cravings. The patches come in stages, decreasing the amount of nicotine as you move through the product, to eventually wean you off the substance.

best smoking cessation products2. Nicotine Gum
Working in much the same way as the patches, nicotine gum comes with a small amount of nicotine and gradually works down to extremely low doses in order to reduce cravings and eliminate the need for the nicotine. Many smokers find that part of the habitual craving with smoking involves having something in their mouth. For this reason, nicotine gum proves a successful alternative.

3. Nicotine Lozenges
Lozenges also provide a gradually decreasing dosage of nicotine. The nicotine is released into the body as the lozenge dissolves; however, these are very short lasting and you can take around 20 lozenges a day.

Other NRT options available include a nicotine inhaler and nasal spray, although these are not as common as the others.

Non-nicotine Prescription Medication


There are also medications available that assist in smoking cessation. These must be retrieved through a prescription and can have some side effects, so consult your primary physician or pharmacist before taking these medications. These medications contain no actual nicotine; they simply address cravings and withdrawal symptoms within the brain.

4. Bupropion (Zyban)
Primarily used as an antidepressant, Bupropion is a prescription option that has shown some success. It works to reduce tobacco cravings and withdrawal symptoms by increasing the levels of certain brain chemicals.  Bupropion is usually used for 12 weeks.

5. Varenicline (Chantix)
Varenicline works by blocking nicotine receptors in your brain, decreasing the pleasurable effects of smoking. It also successfully controls nicotine withdrawal symptoms; however, like Bupropion, Varenicline can have side effects in some users, so always use under the supervision of a medical professional.

Support Tools


6. Smoking Cessation Apps
Helpful apps, such as The Quitter’s Circle and Smokefree TXT, have produced high success rates for smoking cessation. These apps provide information, reminders, tips and support for people striving to quit smoking.

7. Become an Ex Smoker
A free online support resource, BecameAnEx.org encourages the development of a cessation plan, including identifying the common triggers that cause the need to smoke. This program also includes live virtual support groups and various informational resources and tips.

While these are a few of the best smoking cessation products, this list is certainly not exhaustive. You may find that some of these do not work for you, only one works, or a combination of a few works best. The important thing is to find what does work for you and simply do it.
If you need further assistance for smoking cessation, contact Wellworks For You today. We have health coaches available to help you reach your health and wellness goals.