Best Health Wellness Opportunities For The Life You've Always Wanted

The best health wellness opportunities are most often NOT found at work. In fact, studies show that the stress caused by job responsibilities or an overbearing boss can have negative effects even outside work, such as headaches or other chronic pain. If you’re not getting enough sleep, getting stressed every day at the job, and not getting the time needed to exercise regularly each week, you are very likely missing out on the healthy life you’ve always wanted.

Best health wellness opportunitiesWellness programs are designed to bring the best health wellness opportunities to you in the place you’d least expect it–at work. Wellness programming is associated with greater productivity, reduced stress, lower long-term health costs, less absenteeism, and even an improved workplace culture. Even companies that can’t afford a full-blown wellness program, you can do other things to support employee health.

  1. Encourage exercise. If you’re local and have the facilities to do it, you might give bike parking to commuters, and/or provide showering and lockers for employees interested in working out during lunch. Even if that’s not possible, you can create a walking club during lunch and give incentives to participants.
  2. Provide healthy hunger options. Everyone needs a bite to eat when they’re at work–so use this as an opportunity to give snack options that will meet their nutritional needs. Try replacing the usual cookies, soda, and chips with fresh fruit, granola, and nuts .
  3. Emphasize educational opportunities. Sometimes the most powerful motivator is knowledge. Bring in lunch education speakers(see Wellworks For You’s Corporate Lunch ´N Learns) to lead talks on cooking habits, stress management, or on-the-go exercise routines.

Wellworks For You: Best Health Wellness Opportunities

Even if you think that it costs more to implement wellness programs, think again.  Many employers cut their costs in the long run when they use wellness programs. A 2008 survey of 628 employers showed that 74% of the companies cited reducing costs as their #1 motivator for implementing the program. To learn more about what types of programs are available, see our programs page at Wellworks For You.

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