One of the major keys to staying motivated with working out is to mix things up. To remain engaged and challenge your body, it can be helpful to incorporate several different types of fitness exercises and routines. It may take time to figure out which best full body workout responds best with your body type, wellness goals, and lifestyle. The important thing is to give each one a try! In the process, you may even to learn to love one (or more).

Five Best Full Body Workout Routines to Help Mix Things Up

Not only can your mind become bored by continuing to do the same old fitness routine, your body can too. Studies have shown that when the muscles are subjected to the same routine time and time again, they eventually adapt and become complacent. To keep the mind and body from becoming stagnant, introduce one of the following five fitness routines to your exercise regimen:

  1. HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)
    Becoming quite a fitness trend a few years back, it’s easy to see why HIIT workouts remain a strong choice for the best full body workout routine. A recommended HIIT fitness routine can be a minimum of 30 minutes to witness maximum results. By engaging in a variety of rapid, intense exercises like squats, tricep dips, burpees, and jumping jacks, with intervals of rest between each rep, the heart rate revs up and muscles begin to build. If people try cutting pre-workout from their workout routine, they can check here for an alternative. 
  2. Swimming
    Even a simple freestyle swim stroke will help engage multiple muscle groups in the body. In addition to building muscle and serving as a form of cardio, swimming has been shown to improve lung health. It’s also one of the best full body workout routines for individuals who need to subscribe to more low-impact exercises.
  3. Boxing
    Whether it’s traditional boxing, cardio-kickboxing, or the more recent “boutique boxing,” your body is guaranteed to get one of the best full body exercises possible. Boxing not only builds strength in the shoulders, arms, abs, and legs, it’s a great cardio workout and can be extremely cathartic for those seeking to relieve a little (or a lot) of frustration.
  4. Running
    Whether you are inside or out, running mixed with quick walking, light jogging, and sprinting are calorie burners. Running engages the legs, abs, and arms and increases the heart rate. To maximize muscle building, some runners enjoy inserting push-ups, pull-ups, and crunches in between or after a running session.
  5. Yoga
    It does wonders for your core, engages the big and small muscle groups of your body, but yoga can provide even more health benefits above and beyond a full body workout. Yoga is superbly helpful in helping to calm the mind, increase balance, and promote focus. The stretching component of yoga also makes it a healthy supplement to almost any other type of exercise practice.

Helping To Keep Wellness Interesting and Engaging

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