3 Benefits of a Newsletter for Your Wellness Program

If your company has implemented a wellness program but you have been procrastinating the development of a company newsletter, consider these 3 benefits of a newsletter for providing motivation.

Communicate Effectively

A newsletter is communication, plain and simple. But the benefit of a newsletter within your wellness program enables you to communicate a wide variety of topics
concisely and creatively. Many newsletters include
recipes, on-the-go snack options, healthy lunch choice ideas and updates on fun exercise trends to try. Newsletters also provide a way to teach a greater depth of health and wellness information.

 benefits of a newsletterFeature an article on inflammation in the body and what causes it, showing the correlation between many of our common foods and our common ailments. Explain the nature of diabetes and list symptoms for early diagnosis. Incorporate an infographic that portrays the actual physical benefits of exercise as it relates to the heart, lungs and entire body. Get creative! There’s no limit to what fun and unique things you can offer in your newsletter.

Wellness Program Branding

A newsletter provides a reliable and concise way to further promote the ‘brand’ of your wellness program. If used properly, the design and style of the newsletter can further the program’s intentions and goals. Whether weekly, monthly or semi-annually, a newsletter reminds employees of the wellness program, including the goals and methods used for achieving greater health and wellness. Quite simply, it acts as a non-invasive reminder that your company desires a culture of health and wellness.

Community Connection

Possibly one of the greatest benefits of a newsletter, many corporations use this periodical publication to create a sense of community across platforms large and small. Consider using a newsletter as an opportunity to give merit and praise to individuals or employee groups who have reached goals within your wellness program. Give updates on current competitions or exciting upcoming changes and additions.

These are only a few of the many benefits of a newsletter for your corporate wellness
program. Consider it an extension of your arm when it comes to creating a culture of health and wellness. Wellworks For You provides a complete
newsletter service to your company when involved with our wellness programs. Call us today for more information about creating your wellness program newsletter.