Be Prepared With These Health Risk Assessment Example

Studies have demonstrated that developing a quality corporate wellness program is strongly dependent upon creating a comprehensive program that can be integrated into existing workplace infrastructure. According to a RAND study on the effectiveness of corporate wellness programs, incorporating disease management as part of a comprehensive employee wellness in the workplace resulted in significant savings. The ROI per wellness program member totalled $136 per month, simply from implementing disease management into company wellness program protocols. One productive mode for gathering data is establishing a health risk assessment component as part of an employee-based wellness program. What exactly does a health risk assessment example look like? Stay tuned!

What is a Health Risk Assessment Example? And How Important is Disease Management?

Health-Risk-Assessment-ExampleOne of the top priorities of a reputable workplace wellness program as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is Workplace Health Assessment. It’s difficult to set the priorities of your company’s individualized employee wellness programs if the state and goals of health and wellness remain a mystery. Let’s look at a health risk assessment example to get a better picture of how this works.

Diabetic health risk assessment example: This particular assessment may involve a screening to check employee blood glucose levels as one way to determine risk for diabetes. Other aspects of the assessment could include health risk assessment questions about lifestyle, such as daily sugar intake. Employees at risk of diabetes should then be able to express their wellness interests to the corporation when a wellness program is implemented. They could, for instance, ask for additional diabetes-friendly workplace lunch and vending options.

Know Your Number Assessment and the Value of a Health Risk Assessment Tool

A health risk assessment can accomplish various essential elements of an employee wellness program, including providing an inventory of the all-around health status of employees, including an estimation of risk level for common diseases and medical problems. At Wellworks For You, we optimized the health risk assessment process by flagging for several of the most costly, modifiable chronic diseases, including:

  • CHD
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • CHF
  • Lung Cancer
  • Breast Cancer
  • Colon Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer

The marriage of health risk assessments and onsite screenings provides feedback so that participants can take a targeted approach to their own healthcare and employers have what they need to optimize wellness in the workplace.

Both the onsite biometrics screenings and assessments Wellworks For You utilize cutting-edge technology to import data directly into employees’ electronic health risk assessment pages. The streamlined process decreases time spent on recording so that employees can get on with their most important priority: being as healthy as they can be!

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