Back To School Healthy Lunches For Your Kids

Summer is over, and school is back in session.  The back-to-school shopping for clothes, shoes, backpacks, and school supplies is over. Don’t forget to take a trip to the grocery store and stock your pantry full of nutrient rich foods for your kids back to school healthy lunches.  Wellworks For You doesn’t just care about your health, we also care about the health of your family as well. With the kids back in school it’s important that they have a healthy meal to help them retain what they learn, and keep bad attitudes at bay.

back to school healthy lunchesSending your kids to school with a nutrient-rich lunch can help your little students perform better in and out of school.  Back to school healthy lunches should contain the five main food groups:  breads/grains, protein, vegetables, fruit, and dairy.  Incorporating a little variety and balance in your children’s lunch will ensure their ability to focus and learn throughout the day. Prepare and plan your children’s lunch together. This will allow you to teach and guide your children about healthy food choices.   When children get involved with preparing their own lunch there’s a better chance they’ll eat what they’ve prepared.

Healthy Lunch Ideas

  1. Tuna Salad with whole grain crackers. Kids think it’s fun when they have to scoop and dip their food. Carrots with their dressing of choice for dipping, and then some fresh cut-up strawberries.
  2. Pinwheel Pasta mixed with homemade Italian dressing, and toss in some cut up chicken. For your sides add some fresh grapes, and cucumbers.
  3. Wrap Sandwiches.  Everything’s better when it’s wrapped up in a tortilla. In this case a peanut butter jelly roll-up. Add a yogurt parfait with fruit and granola, and some broccoli with the dressing for dipping.

These are just some of the back to school healthy lunches you and your children can make together.

For more information on how Wellworks can help YOU create healthy lunches for work, give us a call at 800-425-4657.

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