Answering Your FAQs: What is a Wellness Program?

Although you may have heard about “corporate wellness” and “wellness programs” trending in the past few years, you are not alone if you are still wondering exactly “what is a wellness program?”.  Because many businesses are still in the early stages of establishing these transformative programs, they are just becoming aware about the amazing benefits they can yield in a workplace.  At Wellworks For You, we are dedicated to innovating and providing wellness programs to businesses like yours, and we have the facts you need to get started.

what is a wellness program

So, what is a wellness program?  Simply put, it is a program intended to improve and promote health and fitness.  Most often, these wellness programs, sometimes called corporate wellness programs, are offered through the workplace, although insurance plans may also offer them directly to those enrolled.  These programs can vary significantly in duration, function, and organization.  However, they often use incentives, such as rewards or premium discounts, to encourage participants to first join and then stick with the program.  Some programs focus on overall wellness while others are more targeted, such as smoking cessation programs or diabetes management.


When a workplace is interested in offering such a program, one of the most common questions is about the return on investment.  Is this actually going to pay off? Corporate wellness programs do have a proven track record of Return on Investment (ROI); they not only reduce healthcare costs, but they also boost morale and decrease absenteeism.  However, the extent to which such programs are effective is dependent upon how well they engage participants.
At Wellworks For You, we are proud to say that we know how to answer not only what is a wellness program, but also what makes it work.  Our unique integration of health science and the latest technology has allowed us to create a whole array of engaging and successful programs for businesses like yours.  For more information about our programs, contact us at 800.425.4657 today!

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