An Easy to Implement Smoking Cessation Program

Many companies’ corporate wellness programs are made up of several components at any given time. These components are determined based on need or demand and, when partnering with Wellworks For You, are implemented in the most engaging ways possible in order to achieve the highest participation. At many companies we have worked with in the past our smoking cessation program has been one of the more popular components. We know that there are still thousands of companies that could benefit from implementing this informative and supportive program. Many employees and employers alike have quit smoking as a result of this program and we are excited to be able to continue to offer it to our clients.

Smoking Cessation ProgramOur smoking cessation program is made up of a wide variety of resources which include: informational literature, group activities, individual challenges, onsite speakers, health coaching and supportive feedback. The program is set up to last for twelve weeks but will assist participants in making a choice that will benefit them the rest of their lives. Why not provide your employees with this chance and help improve lives?

Wellworks For You is also proud to be able to provide on site classes for employees that address smoking cessation. These classes are structured sessions which teach practical skills, provide information and give support to those in attendance. A smoking cessation program may be the last push many of your company employees need to reach their smoke free goals. In partnering with you, we would be able to determine is this program is something that would fit well into your new or existing wellness program and then be able to start and maintain it. We have seen many people quit smoking as a result of this program and look forward to helping some of your employees do the same.

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