Affordable Health and Wellness Program Ideas for Your Workplace

Are you concerned about improving wellness at your workplace? Have you ever imagined what it could be like if all of your employees (and/or colleagues) were functioning at the top of their abilities? When we hire, we always hope. But it’s true that life gets in the way, and so does unhealthiness. In 2007, the average U.S. worker took 14 sick days. Although, many workers take fewer despite that they are less healthy. These people may struggle at work, without recourse to take fewer sick days and then showing up to work and wellness program ideas

You can implement many small (and bigger) changes in your workplace, health and wellness program ideas that can help your employees to integrate more positive habits, leading to greater health and attendance at work.

Here are a few of our most affordable health and wellness program ideas to try:

  1. Put healthy food choices in your company vending machines–such as baby carrots, nuts, trail mix formula, etc.
  2. Make a refrigerator accessible to your employees during the day. This encourages people to bring lunches, which are often more healthy than what they would buy going out.
  3. Include a diagram of healthy eating recommendations (servings and food types during the day) on your refrigerator to enforce thinking intentionally about eating habits!
  4. Ask that your company join in community walks. Raise money for a cause while improving health and company camaraderie!
  5. Hold walking meetings outside!
  6. Purchase fitness CDs/DVDs that employees can borrow.
  7. Have a goal of the week (i.e. “I will exercise every day for this week”)

Want more health and wellness program ideas or planning to help improve your company wellness and cut costs related to insurance? Call Wellworks For You at  800.425.4657 and we will help you accomplish YOUR goals.

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