A Wellness Program for the Smart Corporation

Wellworks for You was created to come alongside employers and empower them to be proactive about their employees’ health and wellness. We’re based out of Pennsylvania, but we serve corporate clients throughout the U.S. and even internationally. Our specialty is creating and maintaining a wellness program for each specific client. We believe that a healthy business is characterized by employees with healthy bodies and happy minds. With those important truths in mind, we went about developing a program that could be used by any company to reach their particular wellness goals. To create a successful corporate atmosphere, offer your employees a wellness program to ensure they have an avenue toward better mental and physical health.

Wellness ProgramsYou may be asking, “Why a wellness program?” Well, there are many benefits to establishing one in the workplace. First, health programs show that you are committed to your employees. You are basically making an investment into their well being that goes above and beyond the usual employer/employee relationship. Second, corporate wellness programs have been proven to lower healthcare costs for companies, which makes this a very practical decision for employers. Third, healthy employees usually perform better, which means your business will be more efficient. If you want your employees engaged and focused while they are at work, provide wellness activities and challenges so that they can get build feelings of motivation and confidence. We believe that employees who are motivated about their health will be motivated in other areas of their lives as well, including in their work.

Our clients always report back with positive results. Their employees are motivated to care about their health, they are appreciative of the opportunity to receive medical advice, and they are excited to have a means to pursue their health goals right in the workplace. Our programs can be designed to offer services to help employees dealing with diabetes, smoking, diet/weight and a variety of other health concerns. If you’re considering implementing a wellness program in your company, contact us today for more information!

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