A Wellness Program At Work

Do you have a wellness program at work? Do you want your employees to become healthier and more productive? Many small and large companies are taking the plunge and adding on a corporate wellness program to their workplace. Though this type of wellness program is relatively new, it has had great results and success. Companies are reporting less missed sick days, employees enjoying team challenges, and more. The research is showing that a wellness program at work truly makes a difference for both the employees and the employer. In fact, some studies even show that these wellness programs cut healthcare costs as well as reduce the amount of hospital visits for employees who are struggling with chronic illnesses.

wellness program at work

Many people ask us if a wellness program at work would benefit them. Ask yourself these questions and see for yourself.

  • Do any of your employees have chronic health issues?
  • Are any of your employees overweight?
  • Do any of your employees want to quit smoking?
  • Do any of your employees want to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle?
  • Do you want to cut health insurance costs?
  • Do you want to boost office morale?

If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, then a wellness program at work could be just what you need.

Wellness programs at work are successful, but only if they’re done right. Wellworks exists to help you create and structure a wellness program and then implement proper strategies to help it grow. Visit our website and read our blog to find out everything you need to know about corporate wellness programs, different wellness strategies to keep employees engaged and much more. If you’re interested in your own wellness program at work, contact us to schedule a consultation. We look forward to working with you!

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