A Wellness Challenge, A Sword, And A Crown

There’s a famous saying, “Uneasy is the head that wears the crown.” In our day and age, it’s tempting to romanticize crowns and everything that, in our minds, goes along with crowns: loads of jewels, fancy brocade dresses, swords, and–above all–power! However, we tend to forget the realities of life as a monarch: sub-par hygiene, famines, the constant danger of being assassinated by a relative or beheaded by your people. That’s without mentioning the weight of a crown made out of gold.

Wellness-ChallengeDionysius has given us a more accurate vision of what it means to be in a position of power and responsibility: the sword he hung above Damocles embodies the constant pressure inherent within.

As an employer, you are under the same pressure–although perhaps not to the same extent. However, you are still responsible to ensure that all of your employees are cared for. If a business goes under, it’s not just the loss of a job for a handful of people, it’s frequently the loss of many livelihoods.

When the topic of wellness comes up, it can seem overwhelming. With so many elements of a business to oversee, it can be difficult to come up with the time to create a wellness challenge to engage your staff.

Never fear! At Wellworks For You, we understand the demands of your position, and we are capable of creating wellness challenges that will change the atmosphere in your place of work. Whether it’s a  30 day wellness challenge or a 100 day wellness challenge, we’ll find what works for your employees. How?

Note the fact that it’s a “wellness challenge” rather than a “wellness game.” Wellworks For You is in part built around the understanding that human beings are motivated in certain ways. One of those ways we are motivated is by challenges. There are few words as powerful in a child’s universe as the iconic, “I dare you.” We live for challenges. We live up to challenges.

If you want your employees to be more well, trust us to come up with the wellness challenge ideas. Because you shouldn’t have to do it all. Your trust will be well-rewarded.

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