A Testimonial: Your Journey to Self Confidence at Work Made Easy

They put me on a diet when I was 11. I wasn’t fat; I wasn’t even remotely chubby! My father was disappointed with my mother–with the fact that, after having their seventh child, she had a hard time losing the baby weight. Not that she was fat. In fact, she still had a healthy BMI, and looked great. It’s just that she wasn’t skinny anymore. So my father was afraid of my little 11-year-old belly transforming me into a whale.

self confidence at workHe destroyed my confidence from that day forward: my self confidence at work, at school, everywhere I would go. I travelled across four continents in an effort to shake off his disapproving gaze.

Maybe your self confidence was destroyed by your father, your brother, or a bully at school. At some point in our lives, however, we have to pick ourselves up. We have to ignore the hurt and the judgement, and make a decision to pursue lives of freedom, peace, and wellness.

After college, I was angry. My self confidence at work was at an all-time low. I looked in the mirror and saw the whale my father saw. My low self-esteem and anger was corroding my marriage, my friendships, and my relationship with my father.

So I moved 8,000 miles away. There, in the dust and filth of China, I found my liberty. In the suffering of others, I found truth. The truth was that, at 127 pounds, I was not a whale. But I hadn’t seen it, and in my despair, I had put on 20 pounds! Despite being heavier, and despite being considered fat by the Chinese, I found self confidence in the workplace. I ran, I ate copious amounts of rice, I walked everywhere (it was faster than driving, there in Beijing). I was happy.

Then I returned to civilization as we know it. And people made comments. I had had a child, and things weren’t as easy. But now I’m okay. 8,000 miles did the trick.

How to Rebuild Self Confidence at Work

You don’t need to travel 8,000 miles. You don’t need to subsist on plain rice for 10 months.

Call Wellworks. Their workplace programs like Health Coaching can give you the boost, accurate self-image, and accountability that you need. You don’t have to go it alone, and you don’t have to stay shackled to the image and expectations that others have placed on your body. Self confidence at work for you, your employees, and your colleagues is a phone call away.

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