A New Model for Health and Wellness Companies

There are many health and wellness companies out there, all of which are designed to promote wellness in workers.  Whatever your business size, environment, or industry, a wellness program can be a major asset to your company.  In addition to helping to decrease absenteeism because of illness, such a program can also bring down the costs of healthcare and workers’ compensation.  Aside from strictly financial benefits, working to improve the health and wellness of your employees goes a long way in improving their happiness, longevity, and lifestyle.  The promise of happier, healthier workers has many corporations turning to health and wellness company for help in making these goals a reality.health and wellness companies

However, perhaps you and your business have tried to promote corporate wellness before and been less than satisfied with the results.  Because programs like these are entirely dependent on the engagement and participation of employees, health and wellness companies that depend on one-dimensional and impersonal models are doomed to fail.  Don’t give up, though; instead, consider the Wellworks for You difference!

Wellworks for You is a Pennsylvania-based company which provides companies all over the world with a variety of corporate wellness services.  This health and wellness company is unique in its use of proprietary technology to promote strong communication and integration within your organization.  When you sign up, WW4U Online offers your employees a portal with the tools they need to improve or maintain their health; to make it even easier, it is now even accessible through an iPhone and Android app!  From nutrition and fitness planners, a pedometer program, smoking cessation programs. and more, it’s easy to find the right combination of for your company or yourself!

Contact us today to find out more about our many programs and learn how your workers can be on their way to a healthier lifestyle with the help of Wellworks for You!

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