A New Approach to Corporate Wellness Incentive Programs

Perhaps you have tried other corporate wellness incentive programs and found them uninspiring and unengaging.  Although you may have started with high expectations of improving the health, happiness, and overall wellness of your workers, did those hopes begin to wane with your coworkers’ enthusiasm?  Rather than give up on your admirable, and achievable aspirations for improving company wellness, maybe it is time to to try a new approach.  It’s time to experience the Wellworks difference.  corporate wellness incentive programs

Wellworks For You offers help in designing and enacting wellness programs for businesses of all sorts and sizes.  However, rather than the impersonal and passive models of many other corporate wellness incentive programs, this Pennsylvania-based company uses unique technological approaches to create a more engaging program that fits you and your business.  Whether you are looking for a brief workshop or something more long term, the key is to find something that meets the needs of your employees and offers both them and you meaningful feedback along the way.  Some of Wellworks’ highly effective programs include:

  • 12-week Smoking Cessation Program

  • Pedometer Programs

  • Wellness Challenges

  • Disease Management

  • Health Coaching

  • And more!

Each of these programs uses proprietary systems and software to keep employees engaged while tracking their ongoing personal and group results.  Depending on which program you choose to implement, you can incorporate incentives based on progress, participation, or outcome.  These help to motivate the healthy changes your employees are learning to make throughout the program.

When your employees are engaged in and excited about their corporate wellness incentive program, you see a proven return of investment.  Wellworks technology helps you track data as healthcare costs go down and employee health and happiness improves.  Isn’t it time to make a change for the better?  Contact Wellworks For You today to get started!

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