6 Good Posture Health Benefits You Can Experience Today

We all remember our mother’s nagging reminders to “sit up straight and don’t slouch!” While we probably relegated these admonitions to the pile of “yea…whatever” that most of mom’s other pithy sayings went into, there actually may be something to what she said.

Good-Posture-Health-BenefitsResearch shows that good posture health benefits are much farther reaching than simply straightening your back.  

What can good posture do for you?

  • Increase Confidence Good posture, whether sitting or standing, gives your own self-confidence a decidedly big boost.  It makes you feel better about yourself because you are handling your body in the proper way.  Studies have shown that there is legitimate psychological benefits behind improved posture in the way of increasing confidence.
  • Produce Power Yes, it sounds strange, but it’s true.  Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist and Associate Professor at Harvard Business School, has been featured on TED talks and spoken worldwide on this very topic:  that your posture affects your power.  Striking a pose of confidence and power immediately gives you more of exactly that-power.  These power poses help in test taking, interviews, relationships, and work productivity.
  • Boost Energy With increased confidence and power, naturally comes increased energy and mood. Before reaching for that fourth cup of coffee when you hit your afternoon energy slump, try sitting up straight or taking a short walk around the office with shoulders back and head up. You may find that one of the many good posture health benefits is an increased supply of energy.
  • Reduce StressStudies have shown that one of the health benefits of good posture is a considerable reduction in stress levels.  This is the result of physiological as well as psychological effects that good posture produces.  With improved confidence, power, and mood, comes a reduced state of stress.

    But the mind is not the only benefactor of the reduced stress. Your body also experiences a lessened strain on the spine, back, neck, and shoulders as you improve your posture.

  • Increase Oxygen Levels When the body is properly aligned (ie good posture), blood flows easily carrying a greater supply of oxygen to every organ of the body.  One of the many good posture health benefits that you can experience is an increased level of oxygen to all parts of the body.  This will inevitably help the function of all body organs, but specifically benefits your brain.  Increased oxygen can greatly help your mental function and capacity.
  • Eliminate Joint and Back Pain While you may have had a vague suspicion that good posture could help your back pain, you may not realize how much until you give it a try.  Those with joint and back pain, report a considerable decrease in pain levels when they begin practicing good posture. Sometimes this can come almost immediately.

Who knew that something as simple as a slight angle or position change could have such far reaching effects?  The health benefits of good posture will continue to surprise you.

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