5 Ways You Can Be Promoting Health in the Workplace Today

Have you ever considered what your workplace might look like if health became a part of company culture? What do you imagine? Some businesses invest in installing healthier vending machines, offering educational lunch lectures, and even building work showers and bicycle racks to motivate employees to bicycle to work!promoting health in the workplace

You can start making incremental changes now to be promoting health in the workplace later. There are many ways to do this, depending on how much you are willing to invest. Here are 5 ideas from Wellworks For You about how you can be promoting health in the workplace:

  1.   Bring in the healthy choices.  If you have a cafeteria, ensure that you have a salad bar alternative for employees to pick, and try to buy fruit and vegetables as fresh as you can. Employees will notice when it’s quality and will start moving towards the wholesome choices!
  2.   Offer free health risk testing with reporting. Bring in professionals to monitor employees’ vitals and offer counsel on potential health risks. It could be as simple as a blood pressure or body fat test or as complex as a comprehensive test. A variety of health risk assessments are offered by Wellworks For You.
  3.   Walking Meetings. If there’s one thing that contributes to health problems, it is the sedentary lifestyle of most Americans. Most people are stuck in their offices with only an occasional walk to the bathroom or meeting. If you can still conduct your meetings as needed while walking, why not bring employees outside to walk around the campus while you talk? The movement increases blood circulation to the brain, which will help everyone to think better!
  4.   Team challenges. You can offer a workout challenge each month to help employees get on their feet and exercise! Doing competitions in teams can reinforce motivation and even improve collegiality. Don’t forget to include a prize for the team with the best scores!
  5.   Health Coaching. One of the most effective ways to target employee health needs, personal coaches can operate in a variety of capacities to make your employees aware of areas where they need help, and provide the tools to improve their lifestyles. Oftentimes, it’s the simple things that count, and a health coach can figure out what details could be changed and how to do it, as well as bringing accountability and encouragement. Personal coaching is offered by Wellworks For You.

Seeking advice about how to promote health in your workplace? We’ve got a lot of ideas for you and the technology to implement them. Contact Wellworks For You at 800-425-4657.

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