5 Simple Ways You Can Help Employees In Managing Mental Health at Work

Managing mental health at work may seem like a daunting task for entrepreneurs or CEOs who deal in numbers and systems, more concrete and quantifiable elements.  Which is why Wellworks For You provides comprehensive assessments and health coaching to help you navigate this abstract idea.  In fact we’ve outlined 5 steps for you to implement in your company for managing mental health in the workplace.

Follow These Steps for Managing Mental Health at Work to Help Your Company Stand Apart from the Others:

  1. Clearly Define Responsibilities
    Give each employee a clear definition of expected responsibilities.  Additionally, communicate to each employee that the way the work gets done is as important to you as the actual work itself (i.e. positive attitude, intuitiveness, thoroughness, etc.).

    Don’t let them guess what your expectations are.  Uncertainty only adds more mental stress.

  1.  Promote Ingenuity and Ownership
    People flourish when given a responsibility and the freedom to see it done the way they best see fit.

    When you’ve communicated your company’s vision and goals and then provided employees with the tools to complete the task, their abilities will flourish.

    Accomplishment births such mental benefits as greater self-confidence, goodwill towards others, and respect for authority.  This freedom within their work alleviates the mental stress of feeling under-valued, under-developed, and just plain bored.

  1.  Foster Positivity
    We all respond better to praise than to criticism.  Make it a point to establish an environment that promotes positive behaviors.

    Praise often.  Reward ingenuity and efficiency.  Bring group camaraderie through company wide incentives and challenge programs.  Don’t tolerate complaining.

    We’ve all heard the phrase “You are what you think.”  And it’s true.  If your workers time consists of thinking about what they don’t like, what they can’t change, and what they didn’t get, managing mental health at work will be a much larger problem for everyone involved.

  1. Institute Good Conflict Management
    There’s no way around it. Conflict exists in every workplace.  But how you handle the conflict makes all the difference.  Establish a clearly defined system for handling conflict between employees.
    • Educate employees with the system you expect them to follow
    • Explain that disagreement and misunderstanding are normal, nothing to avoid.   
    • Teach open communication skills:
      • communicate perceptions only, in clear terms
      • don’t assume motives of the other party
      • don’t use accusatory verbiage
    • Encourage Resolution-to seek resolution individuals must:
      • Accept their wrong-doing in the situation, very rarely is a misunderstanding one sided
      • Apologize for their part in the issue
      • Determine what things the other would like changed
      • Establish steps for positive change in future situations
  1.  Initiate Wellness Programs
    A proven method for managing mental health at work comes from the management of physical health. This includes exercise, healthy eating, and simple stress-management activities at home and work.

    Wellworks For You has a variety of programs that we utilize to help your employees reach a healthy physical and mental state.

Don’t assume that your hands are tied on the issue of managing mental health at work just because you can’t slap numbers and a system onto it.  Wellworks For You can help you navigate the intricacies of mental health issues in the workplace.

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