5 Simple Ideas for Having Healthy Lunches at Work

With food bloggers and chefs churning out nutritional and tasty recipes every day, you’re only a click away from simple, easy ideas that are healthy and delicious. We rounded up some helpful tips for getting started and 5 of our favorite recipes for healthy work lunches.

Tips for Starting Out


  • A good starting point is to construct your plate with 50% non-starchy vegetables, 25% starchy vegetables and grains, and 25% protein. If 50% of vegetables sounds daunting, incorporate spinach chasers: chase every few bites with a handful of spinach.
  • Swap out food you’re already eating for healthier options: White potatoes for sweet potatoes; mayonnaise and sour cream for plain yogurt, hummus, or avocado; white rice for quinoa and brown rice; bread for lettuce leaves; and soda for juice.
  • Eliminate unhealthy options from your home and shopping cart.
  • In general, use spinach or other nutritious leafy greens (e.g., not iceberg lettuce) as your salad foundation. Check out this chart as a guide to add healthy toppings you enjoy and  keep your calorie count from racking up by swapping out creamy dressings for vinaigrettes.

5 Healthy Lunches to Bring to Work

  1. Quinoa Burrito Bowl
    Healthy, non-comatose-inducing burrito bowl, plus avocado lime dressing? Yum! Recipe here.
  2. Ground Turkey & Cheese Enchiladas
    Reportedly “picky eater approved,” this meal showcases the simple swap of ground beef for ground turkey without sacrificing good flavor. Recipe here.
  3. Mason Jar Salads
    These mason jar salads offer a great way to prep ahead of time and vary your salad options for creative, cool healthy work lunches. Recipes here.
  4. Sausage and Cheese Quiche
    Satisfy your protein and cheese cravings with this tasty low calorie sausage and cheese quiche. Recipe here.
  5. Veggie Sandwich
    If you miss the meat, add a slice of turkey to this veggie-packed sandwich. Recipe here.

For more inspiration and information on how to have healthy meals at work, contact us here.

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