5 Creative Ideas For Promoting Health At Work

If you are looking for creative ways to begin promoting health at work this Spring, Wellworks For You is here to help.  Check out our list of the five creative ways to promote health and wellness in the workplace below!

  • Invite Employee Suggestions.  One of the great challenges employers face is trying to find incentives that really work for employees.  Instead of spending significant cash on a guessing game, invite employees to design challenges and incentives.  This way, there’s no guess work, just results.promoting health at work
  • Get In Touch With Health-Oriented Vendors.  If you are looking for a way to educate employees about healthy options for food, drinks, or fitness, consider inviting local vendors to come in and give an onsite talk about their products.  At no cost to your business, your employees gain awareness of healthier options in their area!
  • Grow Something Together.  If you have the space, consider starting an employee vegetable garden.  Not only does this collaborative project build teamwork and provide access to fresh vegetables, but it also helps participants tap into the mental health benefits of working out in nature for a few minutes each day.
  • Encourage Exercise.  Encouraging good fitness practices can go far beyond simply providing a treadmill or two on site. You can promote before- and after-hours fitness by providing secure bike parking for commuters or showering facilities or locker rooms for those who work out on the way to work or during their lunch hour.
  • Promote Mental Health.  Mental health is an often overlooked aspect of promoting health at work.  However, taking small steps in the workplace can make a big difference.  Consider participating in a community outreach to encourage connections and altruism.  Incorporate mental health education into your newsletters or emails. And create opportunities for employees to move, connect, and seek out a few minutes of sunshine over the course of the day.

If you are looking for more ideas for promoting health at work, you can check out our blog or contact Wellworks For You today at 1.800.425.4657.

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