5 Clever Ways On How To Reduce A Stress Filled Life

How-To-Reduce-A-StressAre you or someone you love suffering from stress at work or home? With about half of the United States reporting that they suffer from stress, it’s not a surprise! So what can we do about it? In fact, the thought of even dealing with stress sounds stressful to some people. Wellworks For You doesn’t want to see you stressed. That’s why we have researched to bring you 5 clever ways on how to reduce a stress filled life.

Let’s Get Stress-Free

It’s all about your lifestyle. Life doesn’t guarantee to come problem-free, so we need to learn to cope with problems and demands when they come our way. Let these tips help prepare you to handle life’s natural demands.

  1. Get Moving – Staying active by walking, running, playing a sport or exercising helps reduce stress hormones. Just make sure you’re doing something that you enjoy!

  2. Simplify Your Schedule – Learn to clear your schedule of appointments that you brought on yourself that are not necessary. Do you have anything you can delegate? It’s okay to let others help you as well. Don’t use the excuse that you can’t trust anyone to get it done right. Learn to let go of the control and you’ll find yourself free from unnecessary commitments. Also, learn to say no. If you’re going to say yes to something, be sure you’re giving that person your best yes. A small no is better than a yes driven by stress.

  3. Stop multitasking – Did you know that research shows that it’s not good to multi-task? That’s right! Who said multi-tasking was productive anyway? It’s more productive to do one thing at a time, and complete that task, rather than starting 5 tasks at once. If you can keep yourself focused on one task at a time, you will get further along, more successfully – than you ever imagined.

  4. Declutter – Who said that cleaning can get rid of stress? The thought of cleaning a dirty bathroom or a sticky kitchen just does not sound relaxing. But what if we told you that decluttering and getting rid of unused or unneeded items can actually clear your hang and lower your stress? Just take 20-30 minutes and take on one room and start decluttering. When you’re done, you will have a nice, peaceful environment to work, play and live.

  5. Have fun – As an adult, we forget to take the time to put down our work and responsibilities to just recharge and have fun. Enjoying yourself isn’t just important, it’s a necessity. Make sure you schedule time in your week to just have a good time, relax and laugh.

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