Find the Right 30-Day Workout Challenge for You

We all know that we should be taking care of our bodies every day of the year.

And telling yourself that you are going to do that is great, but sometimes just committing to “go to the gym more” or “exercise every day” is too general, too broad, and too hard to stick to. That’s why a 30-day workout challenge might be the perfect thing to help you get on track.

30 day workout challengeWhile healthy habits obviously shouldn’t be limited to 30 days, a consistent, manageable challenge can give the initial boost needed to get you started on a healthy lifestyle. Thirty days is long enough to show real results from your work, but also gives a reachable goal to work towards. And hopefully, when the month is up, you will have the motivation and drive to keep going! But no one workout plan is right for everyone. So let’s look at a few different 30-day workout challenges and find the right one for you.

Weight Loss Workout: If you are looking to lose some pounds, then a challenge that targets weight loss is for you. This workout program combines toning, cardio, and diet to achieve results. All you need is some 3-8 lb dumbells and a workout mat!

Yoga Challenge: If you aren’t feeling a more traditional workout program, or you have joint or other health issues that may limit your mobility, then yoga might be the perfect fit. Yoga can range from very easy and relaxing, to extremely challenging. Yoga promotes flexibility, toning, and weight loss. There are many different types of yoga and you can choose a program that suits your particular needs and goals.

Strength Building Challenge: Feel like you have no upper-body strength? Want to tone and build muscle? Then a strength building challenge is what you are looking for! Don’t be intimidated by the idea of strength building. Any workout plan can be adapted to meet your current strength. And building muscle is for everyone–men and women! Check out this workout program’s different options for full-body strength training, arm training, leg training, and more!

For more 30 day workout challenge ideas or for additional information on healthy living, contact Wellworks For You today!