3 Reasons To Provide A Fitbit For Employees

fitbit for employeesAre you looking to encourage your employees to live a healthy lifestyle? Wellworks For You has the program for you! With Wellworks’ Pedometer Program, you will be able to provide a Fitbit for employees that choose to participate in the program.

What is a Pedometer Program?

Our Pedometer Programs are designed to enable you to customize each employees needs and desires. Your employees will have utilize their Fitbit to integrate with our  Wellness Challenges.

With our Pedometer Programs you can create fun, healthy challenges for your employees, such as:

  • The Virtual Pedometer Challenge. This program allows you to create challenges for your employees by creating custom routes that travel through places like Australia, Europe, Africa and more!
  • 10K A Day. Using their Fitbit, employees track their steps throughout the day. 10,000 daily steps are recommended in living a healthy lifestyle.

Why Provide a Fitbit for Employees?

  1. Investing in your employees well-being will give you a ROI (return on investment).
    Did you know that unscheduled absenteeism in a workplace averages about $3,600 per year for each hourly worker and $2,650 per year for each salaried worker? If your employees are out of shape, they have a chance at being ill or injured over those that are in better health. By providing a Fitbit for your employees, you will help keep them in the office making you money instead of out of the office costing you money!
  2. Utilizing a Fitbit will make your employees more aware of their need for exercise. When people are challenged to something, whether it’s an physical, mental or emotional, people tend to be up for the challenge and if not, they will recognize where they are lacking and be encouraged to continue down the right path. You will cause your employees to have healthy hearts, improved cholesterol and lowered blood pressure.
  3. You will give your employees the gift of improved moods and brain function.
    This is pretty self explanatory – there is no talking someone into wanting this! Did you know that walking can help aid against stress and “workers block”? Stress-free employees are happy employees; and happy employees are productive employees!

For more information on how Wellworks For You Fitbit and Pedometer Programs can keep your healthy and healthy, contact Wellworks at 1-800-425-4657.

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