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As an employer or manager, you are likely aware of how many of your employees battle with smoking every day.  And, if you have begun to take health and wellness seriously as an important aspect of your business, you are probably aware of how much this addiction can cost on both a personal and a corporate level.

stages of smoking cessation

From time lost to smoking breaks and illness-induced absenteeism to the larger costs of health complications due to smoking’s many negative side effects, smoking’s effects are significant. At Wellworks For You, we believe that you can play an important role in helping employees quit through your corporate wellness program.  To get started, learn the stages of smoking cessation.

The Stages of Smoking Cessation

There are five stages of smoking cessation that an individual transitions through.  Once you better understand this process, you will be able to offer more targeted support to employees attempting to move forward in their journey.

  • Pre-contemplation. At this stage, smokers are not yet thinking about quitting.  In fact, if you bring it up, they are more likely to defend their behavior. At this stage, they are not likely to be receptive to any messaging about the dangers of smoking or the benefits of quitting.  At some point, though, most smokers will transition into the contemplation stage.
  • Contemplation. During this stage, smokers are thinking about quitting, but aren’t yet ready to make the change.  They may be more aware of the negative effects that smoking has had on their lives or on that of their loved ones, making them more open to hearing information about smoking and strategies for quitting.
  • Preparation. In the preparatory stage, smokers have made the decision that they want to quit and are getting ready to do so. So, they may be setting goals or looking for programs or products that can offer them support during what they see as an important, but difficult, transition.
  • Action. At this point, individuals are actively trying to quit smoking.  During this stage, which usually lasts up to six months, smokers need the most help and support to deal with both personal and external pressures.  Short term rewards and the encouragement of friends and family can make a big difference.
  • Maintenance. In the maintenance stage, former smokers have broken free of their addiction.  However, they must learn how to handle temptations to return to the behavior in order to maintain their new, smoke-free lifestyle.

Wellworks For You Can Help

Chances are, you have employees who are at several different places in the stages of smoking cessation. In order to best support them in helpful ways, consider initiating a smoking cessation program with the help of Wellworks For You. We can help you to provide the information, inspiration, and support your employees may need to move into the next stage of their journey.

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Stages of Smoking Cessation | Smoking Cessation Stages

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